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Cannabis Economics

May 14, 2019

Cannabis Economics    The cannabis industry is changing at a speed that is much higher than what anyone anticipated. Due to the global cannabis legalization upshot, investors put in…

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Cannabis Terpene Enhancement

May 16, 2019

Cannabis Terpene Enhancement  Cannabis Terpenes at their most basic form are organic non-psychoactive molecules that can be found in both cannabis and non-cannabis plants, meaning that at the…

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New Jersey Cannabis Legalization

April 30, 2019

New Jersey Cannabis Legalization   New Jersey is poised to legalize recreational cannabis very soon. Governor Phil Murphy has approved a bill that’s set for a vote sometime in May.…

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Weed Tourism

April 30, 2019

Weed Tourism   Cannabis retailers and products have embraced an inevitable shift toward refinement and luxury to separate themselves from its stigmatized roots. You can walk into a dispensary…

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Terpene Education

April 30, 2019

Terpene Education Terpenes are a popular buzzword used by cannabis retailers and consumers. They’re the chemical compounds that give your favorite strain its signature aroma profile. Although…

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Higher Etiquette Sweepstakes

April 06, 2019

Higher Etiquette Sweepstakes Givaway   A year ago, we had an interesting conversation with Lizzie Post, great-granddaughter to Emily Post, who was interested in taking up the mantle on…

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CBD Beer

February 24, 2019

The Rise in popularity of CBD Beer   Did you know that cannabis and hops are genetically related? That’s why they’re a perfect match in a recent innovation: cannabis-infused…

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Marijuana for Pain

January 29, 2019

Why Marijuana Fits Your Need When Treating Pain   While many use marijuana recreationally, the expansion of marijuana for pain treatment has been the driving force behind the movement toward…

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Products that Compliment Cannador: Pax Era Vaporizer

September 07, 2018

Products that Compliment Cannador: Pax Era Vaporizer In our on-going series of testing complimentary products for the Cannador, we love the Pax Era vaporizer as an alternative to smoking flower. As…

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Tips for Using Cannabis Tinctures

June 03, 2018

Tips for Using Cannabis Tinctures   Cannabis tinctures may not be the traditional way to consume cannabis, but they can be a convenient and potent method to medicate. Tinctures have many…

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