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Cannabis Terpene Enhancement

May 16, 2019

Cannabis Terpene Enhancement  Cannabis Terpenes at their most basic form are organic non-psychoactive molecules that can be found in both cannabis and non-cannabis plants, meaning that at the…

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Terpene Education

April 30, 2019

Terpene Education Terpenes are a popular buzzword used by cannabis retailers and consumers. They’re the chemical compounds that give your favorite strain its signature aroma profile. Although…

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Adding Essential Oils to Cannabis

December 05, 2017

Adding Essential Oils to Cannabis By Fred Hernandez There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh organic cannabis flower, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment with flavors and aromas.…

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Medical benefits of alpha pinene

September 12, 2017

Medical Benefits of Alpha Pinene Cannabis buds are covered in oils that secrete a wide array of aromas, mainly to ward off insects as a defense mechanism, but us humans have found medical value in…

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Cannabis Aroma

September 11, 2017

How to Identify Cannabis Aroma Just like wine, cannabis has a wide range of varieties, all of which have varying smells, tastes, effects and looks. Cannabis can also be aged to produce more potency…

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Therepeutic Effects of Terpineol

June 13, 2017

Therepeutic Effects of Terpineol By Fred Hernandez If you love the smell of lilacs, cloves, citrus, or any floral and earthy aromas, then you’ll probably like the scent of terpineol,…

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Cannabis Terpenes and Humidity

November 26, 2016

Cannabis Terpenes and Humidity Cannabis science has improved our understading of the plant markedly over the past few years, but there's still so much information we have yet…

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Highest Terpene Strains

September 07, 2016

Highest Terpene Strains   The folks over at Daily Leaf Deals in Portland, Oregon are doing some pretty cool things. For starters, they're helping dispensaries sell more weed by giving…

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Cannabis Flavor

June 20, 2016

Cannabis Flavor: How to Identify Flavors  Cannabis gets its unique flavor from its terpene profile. Terpenes are a group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of…

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