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Best Cannabis Dispensaries

Best Cannabis Dispensaries

Best Cannabis Dispensaries

February 28, 2014 Cannabis Lifestyle

Best Cannabis Dispensaries


Walk past the pool table, just beyond the steam room, which is kitty corner to the vape lounge and you’ll find well-cultured bud tenders handing out this year’s top-rated strains to patients in a luxuriously decorated loft somewhere in the ‘up-and-coming’ part of downtown. This place doesn’t exist yet, but it’s well on its way. Your local dispensary may have a TV or a nice leather couch in a quaint waiting room, but the competition for dispensary market share is just beginning to blossom. Some of the top cannabis dispensaries in America are helping change the way we view its consumption by offering unrivaled customer experiences, so how far will owners be willing to go in order to retain their patients? After all, cannabis is a commodity that can be purchased anywhere. Well not quite yet, but just go with it.

Dispensary owners like Michael DeAngelo of the Harborside Health Center and Ryan Hudson of the Apothecarium have created a top notch customer service platform, elegant and well designed rooms, and an experience someone can walk away from feeling, well, high. What’s more enthralling about these dispensaries is their philanthropy. Harborside was recognized by Alameda County as the highest donor of food among all businesses, and they annually donate to organizations like the Red Cross. The Apothecarium has given donations to Larkin Street Youth Services, a nonprofit that works with homeless children. More dispensaries will follow suit if they want to dodge the legislation chopping block, but ultimately an owner’s view is focused on community improvement as an outcome of their services. Shouldn’t everyone’s be?

Cannaor® Products are sold at a few high end dispensaries including Farma in Portland, Oregon and Harvest in San Francisco, California. 

Here are some of the best cannabis dispensaries delivering high quality bud and top customer service: 

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