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Cannabis Humidity

Cannabis Humidity

Cannabis Humidity

April 17, 2015 Cannabis Aficionado Cannabis Storage

Cannabis Humidity


We’ve received a lot of inquiries regarding the optimal humidity range for cannabis, and now that there are different mechanisms that allow for different humidity ratios, many are unsure which percentage is the best for their cannabis. While it may seem elusive, the best answer really is rooted in personal preference, but part of the answer is also derived from how cannabis is consumed. For example, some people who prefer vaporizing their cannabis have stated that higher humidity levels, which leave the cannabis more sticky or squishy, can make it more difficult to vaporize. Again, this is purely preference based and one particular way of viewing optimal cannabis humidity. Others who use joints or pipes may enjoy more dank bud because the combustion is slower, hence the slow burn, and therefore allows you to experience a more robust flavor. We’ve tried to simplify this for you, but ultimately, it will take some experimentation for you to develop your personal preference.

55% RH: This humidity is ideal for those who enjoy vaporizing since the bud is essentially cooked in an oven with dry heat. More moisture in the bud means more energy is required to vaporize the bud. You will taste more of the terpenes when moisture is added to cannabis. 

55% to 62% RH: This humidity range is ideal for those who enjoy using a bong, pipe, or joint. Similar to the above statement, more heat is required to combust the bud if it is more dank, causing a slower burn. This results in a smoother, tastier hit. 

For those who have ever smoked dry bud, the first thing you notice is a harsh burning sensation in your throat and lungs, so in order to mitigate this, you can revive the dried out bud by bathing it in a humid environment. The range really depends on how you plan on consuming the cannabis. Because you are a connoisseur, it’s up to you to define your personal tastes and preference on your ideal cannabis humidity, so we encourage you to experiment. 

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