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Cannabis Terpene Enhancement

Cannabis Terpene Enhancement

Cannabis Terpene Enhancement

May 16, 2019 Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis Terpene Enhancement 

Cannabis Terpenes at their most basic form are organic non-psychoactive molecules that can be found in both cannabis and non-cannabis plants, meaning that at the chemical level, terpene isolates from cannabis and non-cannabis botanical sources are identical (Terpenes derived from cannabis). Marijuana terpenes influence a bud’s flavor and aroma and by mapping a plant’s terpene profile we can have better visibility on how to influence the way it will taste and smell. Terpenes derived from non-cannabis plants have the ability to influence flavor and aroma in many industries such as breweries, distilleries, beverage companies, candle makers, and cannabis oil and distillate companies.


One of the most exciting terpene companies in the industry today, Floraplex Terpenes, specializes in non-cannabis botanically derived terpene isolates. Floraplex provides customers around the world with high quality terpene isolates, as well as terpene blends designed to replicate the aromas and flavors of popular cannabis strains. Although manipulating flavor and aroma can be exciting, it barely scratches the surface of terpene research. We are just now starting to learn that terpenes can have energizing/uplifting or calming/relaxing effects.


Floraplex is in a unique position here, because they do offer the individual terpene isolates, but what sets them apart from the competition is their idea of terpene blends. Their terpene blends are a unique combination of terpenes that are designed to replicate the aromas and flavors of popular cannabis strains. Blends that replicate the aroma and flavor of cannabis strains allow users to make their products smell and taste like cannabis even when they’re not using it. They are committed to developing new flavors and and strain blends to give our customers exciting and delicious cannabis-inspired flavors. Also, they plan to release their game changing Floraplex Amped Up line in the summer of 2019! This new line is in response to a growing portion of their customer base requesting more flavorful, fruit-forward terpene blends like Grape, Kiwi, and Fruit Punch, as well as popular food-inspired terpene blends like cereals, pastries, and desserts.




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