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Dry Weed

Dry Weed

Dry Weed

June 27, 2016 Cannabis Aficionado

Dry Weed Revival


When it comes to smoking cannabis, there's nothing worse than smoking dry weed. There's good news, however, you don't need to trash it, it can be revived with moisture. There's a lot misinformation on the internet about adding moisture to weed and the number one mistake is adding fruit to a bag or jar with weed. Not only will adding fruit cause too much moisture, the fruit will rot and cause mold growth on your buds. Why are there so many videos on YouTube and articles demonstrating this method of remoisturizing? Because it's a cheap method and misinformation spreads quickly. Don't believe us? Play the telephone game. Another big mistake is wetting a sponge and putting it in your bag or jar. A sponge will exhaust all the moisture inside of it until the sponge is dry, leaving the bag or jar full of 100% humidity. This is way too much moisture and will cause mold growth on your buds. 

There are two very simple ways of adding moisture to your weed. If you have a bag or jar, the easiset and simplest method to add moisture is to use Boveda® 62% RH humidity packs. If you have a box or humidor, the other method is using a rechargeable Humidity Bead System®. Both methods provide the ideal humidity range between 55% and 62% RH, which is perfect for weed. Anything higher and you will run the risk of mold. Why are these two methods safer and better than fruit and sponges? Because they're set to a certain ratio of humidity and utilize salt as a component to regulate this ratio. It's safer and cleaner than using organic material like fruit that carries mold spores.



You can revive dry weed by putting the dried buds in a jar (either Mason or Miron®) and add the Boveda® pack; let sit for a few days to a week and the buds will be back to normal. Another method is to pop your dried buds in a Cannador® and charge a Humidity Bead System® by dipping the bead case in Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. You will notice a difference within several days how squishy the buds will be. 

Boveda® recently commissioned a test and found that by adding moisture, in this case their humidity packs, the cannabis buds retained 15% more terpenes, thereby giving more flavor.