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High Quality Stash Container

High Quality Stash Container

High Quality Stash Container

June 06, 2015 Cannabis Storage Marijuana Storage

High Quality Stash Container


It’s our 1-year anniversary and we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on how awesome this journey has been on the road to designing a high quality stash container. Firstly, we’re grateful of it’s acceptance among connoisseurs and new users alike. The idea of keeping bud at a higher or lower RH than the ambient humidity hasn’t really been a topic of discussion for decades, mainly because those who indulged did so at a high frequency, so storing bud in a plastic bag or small jar became a cultural norm. Plus, the knowledge on humidity and its effects on weed has been sparse and could only be gleamed through incoherent ramblings on cryptic marijuana forums.

In the beginning, we received some negative feedback from various groups who openly criticized our first few product posts, many even rejecting our brand outright claiming that a mason jar is all anyone ever needs. Well, we’re glad we live in a world where there’s variety, because let’s face it, there’s a lot of products that tend to be over-the-top in their promise to improve our lives, now even more so than ever. We have cups that tell us what kind of liquid is inside it and how many calories the liquid contains. We have electronic wrist bands that track how many steps we take and how many calories we burn. We have watches that answer phone calls and browse the internet. None of these things are necessary to live a happy life, but they certainly improve our lives, perhaps marginally. Our goal is do just that, improve life as it pertains to storage and preservation where we feasibly can. If we can make it happen with an aesthetically pleasing exterior, then it’s a win in our book.

Photo of Original Cannador®

The image above is our first Cannador®, made from subpar red oak purchased at a Home Depot®. The lid started bowing after a week, so it was clear that that was the wrong choice for wood. The interior was made entirely of metal. We approached a company that made aluminum reservoirs for buffet tables to make a custom fit dish for our prototype Cannador®. We had a gasket company make a custom rubber gasket to fit around the edges and rare-earth metal magnets on the lid, which had several pounds of force, kept everything airtight. We devised one of the most ridiculous humidification apparatuses made from clay rods that stemmed upward from a PVC square pipe filled with water. The idea was that the exposed clay would absorb the water from the pipe and wick it off into the air through a capillary motion. That process was extremely cumbersome and we didn’t have the patience nor the testing equipment to determine how much water or how many rods were needed to achieve the right RH. One idea led to another and pretty soon we felt comfortable with our prototype. Out of this monstrosity came the 5-Strain Cannador® and away we went!

We’re ready to take on new challenges and build forward-thinking models for the coming years ahead and we look forward to delivering uniquely designed stash containers that keep your bud fresh. We raise our vapes in salute to an interminable goal of shaping new ways in which we interact with cannabis in this emerging industry.