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Luxury Cannabis Humidor

Luxury Cannabis Humidor

Luxury Cannabis Humidor

December 02, 2014 Cannabis Aficionado Cannabis Lifestyle Cannabis Storage Marijuana Storage

Luxury Cannabis Humidor


Finally, it’s arrived, the ultimate luxury cannabis humidor by Cannador®, a storage company geared towards cannabis users who take pride in storing their rare and expensive strains. After launching in June, sales have steadily increased and we decided to branch into varying segments within the high-end lifestyle market, a space that one of our cannabis packaging friends calls ‘the no-oxygen zone.’ Like Mercedes or Audi, we also wanted to come up with our own concept car to cater to those who are looking for something exceptional, so we designed a series of airtight cannabis humidor cabinets that sit atop a steel base stand, that we later turned into a wine rack. We combined our love for two of our favorite things in life, cannabis and wine, and out of this came our version of a cannabis cocktail center.

These quality, hand-made cannabis cocktail centers boast those features commonly seen in luxury kitchens, with a slow-close under-mount glass-top drawer, soft-close overlay hinges, and a rubber sealant to keep everything airtight. The doors to the water-pipe cabinet have glass windows so you can showcase your collection, and the drawer underneath can be locked with a key, so you can rest assured that your children or curious house guests won’t get inside. The drawer is partitioned into three large sections so you can separate larger quantities of different strains. With a choice of humidity options to keep your bud fresh, we offer the Humidity Bead System® or Boveda® to keep your bud at the right RH and give it the proper cure and slow burn it deserves.

This luxury cannabis humidor is a great compliment to your living room or pad and makes a bold statement. We know you have extraordinary tastes, so indulge your highly trained palate and ever-evolving desire for the finer things in life. At Cannador®, we strive to deliver exceptional quality with the goal of keeping your bud fresh.


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