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Marijuana Containers

Marijuana Containers

Marijuana Containers

September 23, 2016 Cannabis Storage Marijuana Storage

Marijuana Containers 

For those who are either on-the-go or want to take their marijuana with them on short trips, these stackable canisters will make a great addition to your collection and most importantly keep your bud fresh. Each chamber of the canister can fit six grams and can be extended to add additional chambers to keep multiple strains separated. Each chamber is separated by a very tight mesh, so kief can fall to the bottom repository. This feature makes it easy to collect kief from any amount of storage.

These marijuana containers are also heavy duty and air-tight. Each canister weighs 12 oz and has thick walls, so it can take beating during your rugged adventure to the top of Kilimanjaro. It’s also air-tight because of the way we made the threads. We pressure tested it underwater for a week and the buds stayed completely dry. We believe these marijuana containers will be a great fit for the utilitarian-type, yet they’re also aesthetically pleasing. They come in either silver or black.

For those who like to collect top shelf buds and keep things neat at home, we also offer Miron® marijuana containers that block UV light, thereby keeping the trichomes potent. You can label them with our dry-erase rewritable Cannador® stickers to help keep things organized. The best part about these marijuana containers is that they have the same diameter as a wine bottle, so they can easily fit in your wine wrack. Great for keepong things organized! 

Marijuana containers

If either of these marijuana containers don't do it for you, we also have various sized Cannador®'s that can hold one to two ounces and come in a variety of styels. Check out our At Home storage section to see what's new! 

Marijuana Container