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Marijuana Containers and the Theory of Life

Marijuana Containers and the Theory of Life

Marijuana Containers and the Theory of Life

June 30, 2015 Cannabis History Cannabis Lifestyle Cannabis Storage Marijuana Storage

Marijuana Containers

​Avert your eyes creationists, the following heap of semi-coherent rambling serves to reinforce the evolutionary aspects of life, including inanimate objects created by animate creatures. Objects have a life of their own because we give them life. We make objects that outlive us, kill us, and help us live. Objects are our imagination in physical form. Many objects lead unintended lives and will never know right from wrong. Knives, for instance, were first made to hunt in order to survive, then they were used to fight in order to rule. Many objects undergo evolutionary cycles, some of which are curious, others of which are predictable. The objects we observe at Cannador mainly revolve around cannabis storage, but you knew that.

Photo of Marijuana in Altoid Container

The evolution of marijuana containers is rather peculiar. From gold and clay pots dating back thousands of years to metallic tins first produced by pharmaceutical companies (see history of marijuana containers here), all the way to dime bags and Altoids tins. Then came glass jars, boxes, trunks, bins, safes and now aerospace engineered nuclear bomb resistant…getting ahead of ourselves. Altoids dates all the way back to the reign of King George III in the 1780s and is now part of the Wrigley empire, which boasts as many different flavors of mint that could literally end global warming. Who first started using the infamous Altoids tin for storing their marijuana is unknown, but it became a common practice among stoners alike, and soon, a necessity. In the 70s and 80s, you had your choice, the dime bag that your dealer gave you or the Maxwell coffee tin. If you were trendy, you had the Altoid tin that could accompany you to the drive-in, which would either impress the hell out of your date or get you an awkward drive home.

Photo of Marijuana in Dime Bag

Then the 90s rolled around and suddenly you and mom bonded over home canning with Ball jars. Well, not really. The mason jar was invented by a Philadelphia tinsmith named John Landis Mason in 1858 and that rubber ring on the top, which creates an airtight hermetic seal, is why grandma goes all out during strawberry season. It works well for food storage, so naturally marijuana can also benefit. Again, we don’t know who started this trend, but gradually, it became the norm for all stoners. With that movement, Boca Raton, home to the owner of Ball, the Jarden Corporation, became more than a retirement destination, and everyone in marketing still has no idea why.

Photo of Marijuana in Ball Jar

Finally, we arrive to the here and now. We’ve tried many times to poach NASA scientists to help us develop extravagant Cannador’s, but alas, their salary packages are sky high, all puns intended. Therefore, we relied on the basic principles of humidity and thought the classic humidor could use a revamp using a few basic design twists. In summary, the Cannador was created to separate your strains and keep them humidified at the appropriate relative humidity and also keep the trichomes sticky and preserve flavor. There really is no limit to the sizes and shapes of marijuana containers, so long as they keep bud fresh and maintain potency.

Photo of Marijuana in Cannador®