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Marijuana Jars

Marijuana Jars

Marijuana Jars

September 24, 2016 Marijuana Storage

Marijuana Jars

In our continual effort to improve products, we've manufactured new marijuana jars that fit in our Cannador® products. These new marijuana jars have airtight silicone lids and are an alternative to the ventilated lids, which are best for the Humidity Bead System®. Our new airtight silicone lids are perfect for using small 8g or 4g Boveda® packs to keep the RH at a stable 58%. This makes for a flavorful smoke ensuring the buds are not too wet or too dry. 


When selecting your marijauna jar, it's good to find something that forms a good airtight seal. The stickyness of the silicone lid does a great job at maintaining a good bond with the lip of the glass. This ensures no air will escape or enter since oxygen degrades THC. Make sure to keep your marijuana jar in a dark cupboard or Cannador® since light also degrades THC. 


To get these airtight jars with strain labels, go to this URL:

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