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Nug Jar

Nug Jar

Nug Jar

May 26, 2015 Cannabis Aficionado Cannabis Storage

Nug Jar


The time has finally come! We understand there’s a sizable group that prefers that their bud touches glass, whether by smoking or storing, so we developed a custom nug jar that fits in existing and new Cannador® models that features a breathable lid for humidity control. What’s unique about this lid is its ability to let in more or less humidity and also prevent cross-over, a valid concern for those connoisseurs who don’t want their White Widow tasting or smelling like their AK-47. With prices now reaching $300 an ounce, it’s important to maintain your bud’s integrity, humidity, taste and flavor, and what better way than to have more control over your bud’s environment.​

The featured image is a 3D print of the new lids for both nug jar sizes (eighth and quarter ounce). We are working on producing these this summer for a Fall release. If you currently own a Cannador®, you will be able to purchase the the glass inserts at a discount.

For inquiries about the status of this project, please feel free to contact us at

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