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Products that Compliment Cannador: Pax Era Vaporizer

Products that Compliment Cannador: Pax Era Vaporizer

Products that Compliment Cannador: Pax Era Vaporizer

September 07, 2018 Cannabis Lifestyle

Products that Compliment Cannador: Pax Era Vaporizer

In our on-going series of testing complimentary products for the Cannador, we love the Pax Era vaporizer as an alternative to smoking flower. As much as we love flower, sometimes it's easier to bring an oil vape with you given the ease of use and no mess. 

The Pax 1 and 2 were dry herb devices so Pax Labs wanted to address the needs of oil enthusiasts with the Pax Era, a slimmer, lighter and more technologically advanced vape that can sync with your smartphone to regulate temperature. You'll notice the price of $29.99 for the device is cheap, but it's the oil filled Era Pods that you can get at dispensaries that command a premium. Why did they chose their own catridges over the standard 510-thread disposable cartridges? Pax Labs CEO Bharat Vasan recently shared in an interview with Marijuana Venture Magazine that they wanted to explore a more structurally sound cartridge that did not leak and is safer than the typical Chinese contract-manufactured cartridges that may contain harmful chemicals. It's true that you really don't know what you're getting with some of these cartriges, we even get Emails from Chinese cartridge manufacterers that are just pushing their clients design, sad truth to that business. 


The new Pax Era allows you the versatility of trying new oils, so long as your dispenary distributes their cartridges. 



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