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Products that go great with Cannador: Best Grinder

Products that go great with Cannador: Best Grinder

Products that go great with Cannador: Best Grinder

April 10, 2017 Cannabis Lifestyle

Product Review: Best Grinder 

In our on-going effort to seek out the best complimentary products for your smoking needs, we discovered the best grinder ever. It's by Lift Innovations in Canada. Well worth the price of $78 (for their most economic option), which also includes shipping to the US. It's durable, it's heavy, and it looks like a well-crafted product that will last ages. Unlike other grinders that smash your buds, this grinder uses blades to chop them. Why is that better? Three reasons: one, all of the chopped pieces of bud come out even, so you don't end up with chunks of bud that are too large to fit into your vaporizer or bowl; two, chopping is better because this maximizes the surface area of the smokeable trichomes; and three, no sticky mess that cloggs up your grinder, the chopped bud easily falls through the grate and into the bottom repository. The bottom repository is even cupped, so you can easily scoop out the chopped pieces into your vaporizer or glass bowl. Another great feature about this bottom repository is that it takes a quarter turn to detatch it - it's not threaded. If you're stoned, this makes life easy! 



The inner stainless steel blades move at a quarter turn, so there's hardly any effort necessary to chop up a decent sized bud. No more endless cranking only to hope you've finished grinding. This Lift Innovations grinder basically takes two to three full turns and you're done. The grinder even comes with a separate metal bowl that you can use to park your chopped buds before loading into your bowl. Great deal for a premium product and we fully endorse this grinder.