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The importance of proper weed storage

The importance of proper weed storage

The importance of proper weed storage

October 29, 2014 Cannabis Storage

Importance of Proper Weed Storage


According to a survey by MMJ Business Daily, the average cannabis user spends $1,500-$2,500 annually on weed, but while little evidence on weed storage product sales exists, it certainly pales in comparison. The obvious reason for this is because for many, it’s not around long enough to store, but for some, their weed stays with them for a couple weeks before it’s completely used. It would behoove those people who like to keep weed on-hand for a while to invest in proper storage, after all, weed is organic matter that will degrade from oxygen, UV light and evaporative loss.

More and more weed storage containers are popping up, some made of bamboo, some made of plastic, but ultimately made for the purpose of keeping weed in a dark, airtight, and somewhat humid environment. The last criterion is what confuses people. Humidity is not the enemy when storing weed, but rather a friend, one you want to keep around. The primary reason why people are afraid of including humidity when storing weed comes from the horror stories told by those who found moldy weed after adding fruit or sponges to their container. If you put a piece of fruit or a wet sponge in an airtight container with your weed, both will expunge all of its moisture in order to reach equilibrium. This is because there’s no mechanism to absorb moisture; it’s the same reason why a pot of boiling water will eventually evaporate, only in this case the reaction is much slower because there’s no agent like heat. There are, however, solutions to absorb and emit moisture as needed, such as the Humidity Bead System® and Boveda®. Both use two-way humidity systems that ensure the ratio of water vapor will not go over a threshold that would cause mold.

The best weed storage method is to keep it in an airtight, dark, humid environment (55% to 62% Relative Humidity). Oxygen and UV light degrades THC, and dry air will cause evaporative loss, leaving the trichomes brittle and tasteless. The flavor of your weed is locked in the trichomes, which are the sticky hairs that cover the bud. Trichomes are the plants protection against natural predators, but they are also the most prized attribute of tasting the flavor of its terpenes. This is, among others, one of the reasons you spend $50 for an eighth of Sour Diesel, so why not make sure its as fresh as the day it was harvested?

For more information about proper weed storage methods using a Cannador® go to our FAQ’s Page.