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Smell Proof Containers for Weed

Smell Proof Containers for Weed

Smell Proof Containers for Weed

July 14, 2015 Cannabis Aficionado Cannabis Lifestyle Cannabis Storage Marijuana Storage

Smell Proof Containers for Weed


​We have developed some unique smell proof containers for weed that are durable and will also separate your strains and keep them at the right humidity, and the best part is that they’re stackable and airtight. We call it the Cannaster, and what makes it unique is its ability to separate and stack multiple strains. This is made possible because the floors of every chamber are made of a micron mesh screen that will allow moisture to pass through each chamber if you using a humidity agent like Boveda® packs. For those connoisseurs concerned about crossover contamination from the air flowing from one chamber to the next, we’ve done enough experimentation to conclude that the only way crossover happens is by having different strains rub up against each other.

Photo of Cannador® Dual Cannaster

It is a valid concern because it is true that volatile aromatic compounds exist in organic compounds like weed, so if you are storing a pungent Afghan Kush with a Lemon Skunk together in the same container, you don’t want the two to taste like each other when its time to smoke them. This apprehension can be quelled by the fact that these aromatic compounds can be released by turbulence (aka shaking or grinding), so if the container is left stable, you’re not going to notice crossover of taste.

Photo of Cannador® Single Cannaster

The taste of weed comes from the strains’ terpenes, which influences the essential aroma or the pure fragrance from deep inside the flower. The incinerated aroma is the aroma that remains in the air after the flower has been smoked.

The Cannaster is airtight because we made the threads extremely narrow so we could fit more of them within the lid and the chamber forming a much tighter seal. Although this makes it a bit harder to screw on the lid because of how tight the threads are, this ensures there will be no smell leakage. As a small test, we filled our Cannaster with bud and tossed it in a pool (10 feet deep) for a week to see if any water leaked inside. After we pulled out the Cannaster from the pool, the bud was completely unharmed and no water infiltrated the tight seal.

Photo of Cannador® Cannaster