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The History of Cannabis Storage

The History of Cannabis Storage

The History of Cannabis Storage

February 13, 2014 Cannabis Storage

History of Cannabis Storage


The history of cannabis storage dates back to the mid to late 1800’s when pharmaceutical companies like Parke Davis & Co., now a subsidiary of Pfizer, had their own farms for growing cannabis. S.B. Penick & Co., now a subsidiary of Siegfried, Ltd., not only imported large amounts of Cannabis, but also acted as the middleman for many local farmers who grew the crop. Parke-Davis published a 16 page booklet in 1910 called “Cannabis Sativa Grown in America” and wrote:”in general, Cannabis Americana can be used when a mild hypnotic or sedative is indicated, as it is said not to disturb digestion, and it produces no subsequent nausea and depression.”

Because Cannabis loses it potency when exposed to air or sunlight, large airtight tin containers quickly became a favorite of the major pharmaceutical companies for shipping and storing raw cannabis. Similarly, ceramic jars became popular among the many apothecaries that sold and distributed cannabis in the early 1900’s. Today, you’ll be sure to find these antique jars and tins with one of America’s top cannabis antique dealers, Chris Jennings, who has been selling and collecting antiques over the past 20 years in Lake Shasta, CA.

We’ve come a long way since and hope you’ll enjoy our cannabis storage products!