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Tweed Cannabis Humidors

Tweed Cannabis Humidors

Tweed Cannabis Humidors

January 19, 2018 Cannabis Storage

Tweed Cannabis Humidors



Canopy Growth Corporation has been making headlines lately with big deals, large acquisitions and even investment from US companies, notably Costellation Brands' $191M minority stake in October, 2017. One of Canopy's brands, Tweed, is poised to be a juggernaut in the upcoming recreational market and so they reached out to us to design their own line of cannabis humidors to help their patients keep their weed fresh. We know the weather in Canada can be extremely harsh and sometimes very dry, so this product makes a lot of sense to someone who likes to keep multiple strains on-hand and wants to lock in the flavorful terpenes of each. 



The Tweed design is very simple, either a 4-Strain or 6-Strain option, both in solid walnut with a mahogany interior. The glass jars are larger than our standard glass jars, allowing you to store up to 3/4 oz in each glass jar. Each comes with a medium sized VaporBeads humidifier that can maintain a relative humidity of between 55% to 62% RH (±4%). 


You can purchase these gorgeous cannabis humidors on Tweed's website here.

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