Products that go great with Cannador

Products that go great with Cannador

Ploom’s Pax 2

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the Pax vaporizer, it’s a slick portable unit made by a company called Ploom. This luxury smoking product comes with advanced features that set it apart from others, mainly giving the user the ability to control how hot the oven burns. The Pax is convenient to carry around and very easy to use with only one button. Small and discreet, you can turn it on and off quickly, which makes it a great vape for use on-the-go. Charing it is also a breeze with a USB dock. The Pax vaporizer allows you to fit as little as 0.2g of herbs in the chamber, which should get you about 10 good draws. You can also fully pack the oven with about 0.4g and get about 20 draws. A major plus with this piece is the battery life. You can get about an hour of usage from a full charge. It’s one of the few cannabis essentials we really recommend as products that go great with Cannador.

Photo of Cartel Paper's Rolling Papers

Empire Paper’s Rolling Papers

Empire Papers specializes in bringing unique designs to rolling papers. Considered to be another luxury smoking product, they are handmade and printed on organic rolling paper. No more rolling weed on boring white rice paper. You can now roll on $100 bills. These papers make a great product for the seasoned stoner with a sense of style. They’re made in the USA with organic paper and come in various sizes. Part of this company's social contract is to work with and train disabled persons. 

Photo of Aura Water Pipes

Aura Water Pipes

Born out of a project from Western Washington University and Student Runner Up among the Core77 Design Awards, Aura Water Pipes seeks to rethink the way we use traditional bongs. They’ve taken the classic bong design and turned it on its head and the outcome is remarkable. It’s both functional and beautiful. No date has been set on its release, but we’re sure to see heads turn when this product hits the market.

Photo of Cannador® Cannabis Humidor

Cannador’s Cannabis Humidors

Newbies and occasional tokers might not understand the importance of properly storing marijuana, but everyone can agree that nobody likes dry, flavorless buds. That’s where Cannador comes in. The amazingly sleek, walnut and cherry wood container may seem a little fancy for the casual smoker who isn’t ready to invest in the preservation of their marijuana, yet the quality of the wood and construction make it worth the investment. It’s literally a dream come true for routine smokers and connoisseurs who are ready to toss the Ziploc bags and generic glass jars for a more sophisticated storing system.

Modeled after the traditional cigar humidor, the Cannador is an airtight humidification box specifically designed to preserve the quality of buds by maintaining the correct relative humidity. The interior is made of solid mahogany and features a series of perforated cans where cannabis can be stored in a dark, humidity-controlled environment. The Cannador comes in several different sizes and shapes that allow for discreet marijuana storage. The large cans are able to hold up to a quarter ounce of cannabis and the smaller ones can hold up to an eighth. For cannabis lovers who are looking to upgrade the way they store their stash, this storage system is not only posh, but also practical.