Products that go great with Cannador 2017

Products that go great with Cannador 2017

In our continuing edition of products that go great with Cannador, we came across a few this past year that we feel are must-haves for a seasoned connoisseur. We like products that are thoughtful, qualitative and have a great story to tell. 

Firefly Vaporizer

We like the Firefly vape because of its ability to control temperature via smartphone, which allows you to control your hits in a unique way. Because we love flower so much (it also does concentrates), we want to be able to taste the terpenes, and the draw on this vape is long and smooth. It packs a little more punch than the PAX in our opinion, and doesn't require a heavy draw. It also doesn't burn your lips like some of the over vapes on the market. It's on the high-end of the price spectrum, but it's ahead of its time, so we'll pay the premium and enjoy the flight. 

Gold Leaf: Patient Journal

This journal is incredibly intuitive and thoughtful and allows you to record all of your smoking experiences in a meaningful and organized way. With so many hybrids on the market, it's hard to keep track of what works for you and what doesn't. If you're a medical patient or you're looking to relieve an ailment, this book can help you pinpoint which strain works best for you with more accuracy than the old method, which for us was a pen and blank paper. Interestingly, Gold Leaf also has various journals on growing and tasting, which is very important for the home-grower and enthusiast. 

Lift Innovations Grinder

Still our all-time favorite grinder. This well-crafted, smooth turning ginder does not traditionally grind the bud, but finely chops it into even pieces so you can have an even smoke every time. It's easy to clean and easy to pull apart, so you can soak and clean each indivdual piece, including the blades and grate.  The bottom kief repository has rounded edges, so kief won't get stick in the corners or threads - sepaking of which, there are no threads. It's a three-quarter turn with notches instead of threads for all pieces.