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Cannador® Insiders

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Welcome to our product development community!


Cannador® takes an empathetic approach to new product development and we can't improve our designs or develop new products without direct feedback from customers. We strongly advocate listening to user-needs and understanding trends. The storage industry might seem mundane to some, but not to connoisseurs like us!

Your insights and feedback will help Cannador® design better products for your storage needs.


Why become a Cannador® Insider?

This exclusive group of customers provides feedback directly to our product manager, which helps us innovate future designs and improve the core product.

In exchange for your participation, we will send you exclusive access to new offerings such as pre-production run samples and discounts on current products. We are a company driven by continual customer feedback and product excellence.

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What will happen after I become a Cannador® Insider?

We will invite you to our Slack group, which provides an open forum on various topics or products. We may from time to time Email various product or lifestyle surveys that help us understand the direction of a product or initiative.

If you are not yet a member and want to join this panel, send an email to with the subject title "Cannador Insider".

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