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Cannabis Humidor

Cannabis Humidor

Cannabis Humidor

November 04, 2014 Cannabis Storage

Cannabis Humidor


Introducing the world’s first cannabis humidor, the Cannador®. A glorified humidor? Perhaps, but there are a few things you should know about the differences between a cannabis humidor and a tobacco humidor. Firstly, tobacco humidors are lined with cedar (Spanish cedar is common) because of the smell and flavor that cedar imparts on cigars. The oils within the cedar add a unique characteristic to tobacco and enhance the overall taste when smoked. Additionally, cedar is very porous, so it can absorb and wick moisture, which is great for keeping cigars stored at higher relative humidity levels (usually between 70% to 75% RH). The second characteristic that is most common among tobacco humidors is the use of propylene glycol or sponges as a means of controlling humidity. Both solutions are great for achieving higher humidity levels, so this is okay for cigars or pipe tobacco, but generally not for cannabis. Sponges will emit all of its moisture until the environment has reached equilibrium, which could be 100% RH, turning your humidor into the Amazon rainforest. While these are cheap and simple solutions to maintain humidity, they’re not reliable and we don't recommend them.

cannabis humidor


Two companies have developed 2-way humidity systems that both absorb and emit moisture to maintain a specific ratio of humidity: Boveda® and the Humidity Bead System®. Both use a combination of salts and silica set to a specific ratio that keep the water vapor at the right level for either tobacco or cannabis. Cannabis is best kept between 55% to 62% RH in a dark and airtight environment to protect it from UV light, which degrades THC. Similar to tobacco, evaporative loss is a threat to cannabis, which is why it’s important to keep the storage environment moist, but certainly not too moist. Just like cigars, if the environment is too moist (85% to 100% RH), you will run the risk of mold growth.

This gets us to the main characteristics of cannabis humidors and why they differ from tobacco humidors. For one, we don’t want oils from woods like cedar to alter the taste of cannabis. Therefore, a more neutral wood like mahogany is better because this does not impart any scent or flavor. Mahogany is also porous, so it can absorb and wick moisture and will not warp or bend over time. It’s best to use a 2-way humidity system like Boveda® or the Humidity Bead System® when storing your cannabis because this ensures that the water vapor ratio is being maintained. Those that use cannabis know that top-shelf quality is paramount to getting the best experience, so it’s important to maintain that quality by storing it properly.

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