Cannabis Storage Box


What do you look for in a cannabis storage box? Simplicity? Ease of use?

The ability to consolidate all of your goodies in one place? Or maybe safety is a concern, such as a lock to keep children out. No matter how you build your stashbox, it’s important to incorporate a few things that will ultimately give you a better smoking experience and keep your medicine fresh.

For the DIY’s of the world, here are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best cannabis storage box:


Don’t use a tobacco humidor. There a couple reasons why, first, starting with the interior wood. Most tobacco humidors are lined with Spanish cedar, which has the potential to influence the taste of your cannabis. Cedar is primarily used in tobacco humidors because the oils in cedar transfer onto the cigars, enriching their flavor, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing for cannabis. The second reason why tobacco humidors aren’t necessarily a good idea is because most come with a sponge that’s used for humidity. Sponges that require propylene glycol can be unreliable when creating the appropriate water-vapor ratio. Any saturated sponge will wick all of its moisture until the entire sponge is dry in order to create equilibrium. This is standard physics, which is why people use chemicals like propylene glycol, to slow the evaporation. Ultimately, these methods can result in a over-saturating your cannabis. Therefore, if you do use a plain humidor, make sure its lined with mahogany, which is a very neutral wood that won’t impart any oils.



Make sure you separate your strains. Like most plant matter, cannabis has terpenes that influence its taste and aroma. There is, to some degree, volatility in these aromatic compounds that have the potential to change or influence other cannabis strains if they rub against each other. The trichomes of cannabis are wet and oily, so if these oils transfer to another strain, they will leave their trace, thus compromising the taste. In other words, you don’t want your Blue Dream tasting like Granddaddy Purple.



Keep your grinders, pipes, papers, etc. separate from your cannabis. The resin from pipes tends to linger, well after you’ve smoked your bud and this will undoubtably stink up your box. As previously mentioned, cannabis contains volatile aromatic compounds and you don’t want these influenced by outside sources. As for the other paraphernalia, it’s simply good etiquette to keep your tools separate from your cannabis.



Utilize humidity as a means to keep the trichomes from drying. We recommend using the Humidity Bead System® that has the ability to self-regulate the environment. The optimal humidity range is a little less than what you’d like for tobacco, which should be between 55% and 62% RH. This ensures that you don’t run the risk of mold-growth and will keep the trichomes sticky and moist. Similar to cigars, however, you want a nice slow burn, so you can really get the full flavor of your cannabis strain. After all, why else would you justify spending $200 an ounce?!


For those who don’t have the time or energy to build your own, we’ve simplified the process for you and have a variety of cannabis storage box options.