How will the package look when sent to my address?

No markings appear on the exterior and we ship in a blank box.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship via USPS, which is the most economic and reliable option. USPS will hand the package off to your local post office for the final delivery, which usually takes 10-20 business days. Shipping rates to your address are visible when you check out. We do not pay for tariff fees or value-added-taxes (VAT). The USPS tracking number we give you can also be used in your country’s postal carrier website.

How long does shipping take via UPS Ground?

Seven days to west coast; five to six days to mid-west; three to four days to east coast.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, within fifteen (15) days of receiving the goods for an exchange or refund should there be any damage from transit. As well there is a limited three-hundred and sixty (360) day warranty for manufacturing defects. Your satisfaction is important to us. See our Return Policy and Warranty page for further details.

Do you wholesale?

Yes, we do wholesale to select stores. Please reach out to us if you are interested in carrying our products.

Where are the instructions?

The instruction manual for each product is on the product page URL under the Product Manual tab.

After I season my Cannador®, how many days do I need to wait before I can start using?

It is best to wait 1-2 day(s) before using your Cannador® because the relative humidity (RH) will spike, which is normal because the wood is adjusting to the new humidity levels. You may safely begin storing within 2-3 days after initially seasoning.

What is the optimal relative humidity (RH) to keep cannabis at?

55%-62% RH is best, but part of the answer also has to do with your personal preference. By maintaining a higher RH, the buds will be more squishy whereas a lower RH in the mid 50’s will provide just the right amount of firmness. Over time, the buds can undergo cycles of moisture addition and evaporation to provide a long slow cure.

What relative humidity is considered too high?

Anything over 70% relative humidity (RH) is too high because this will support mold growth. It is best to maintain a lower relative humidity between 55% to 62% RH to maintain the integrity of the terpenes.

How far open or closed do I need to leave the slots on the lids within the Cannador®?

The ventilated lids are not designed to be airtight so it does not matter whether they are fully open or fully closed, air can still enter the lid. The reason we created this function is to be able to close the vents if you want to take the nug jar out of the Cannador® for a short period of time, thereby allowing for the ability to trap in moist air.

What are VaporBeads made of?

Medical grade amorphous silica, which is fully synthetic, impregnated with a salt based solution. This has been FDA approved and is not a form of crystalline silica, which is dangerous and has been linked to silicosis.

Do I need to replace the VaporBeads?

VaporBeads can last up to several years before they begin showing signs of weaker humidity control. Depending upon the ambient humidity and volume of the storage area, the bead system will need rehydration anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

I lost track of when I last rehydrated my VaporBeads. If I don't have a hygrometer, how will I know when to rehydrate?

The beads inside of the plastic case will turn clear when saturated and will turn white when dry.

I am going out of town and won't be able to hydrate the Humidity Bead System®, so will this affect my bud?

Our boxes and containers are as close to being air-tight as it can get, so if no new air enters, then the bead system won’t need to expunge moisture to maintain equilibrium. Do not overcompensate by dunking the bead system heavily before you leave your Cannador® for an extended period of time.

How accurate are VaporBeads and how is it able to regulate?

VaporBeads is both a desiccant and a moisturizer, so it both emits and absorbs moisture to a set ratio. The 50% RH beads will maintain an RH of 55% to 65% (±3%) when fully saturated and will want to return to 50% RH when dry.

I don't have reverse osmosis or distilled water, so will bottled water work?

Yes, bottled water in some circumstances may be used, although some bottled waters contain minerals that discolor the beads over time. Do not use tap or faucet water because this contains chemicals like chlorine, which over time will damage the beads.

Can I use the small VaporBeads in the Cannaster™ or Miron® jar?

No, this bead system is simply too powerful for such a small space. We tested this using a half teaspoon of water and found that there’s too much room for user-error in over-saturating, thus causing high humidity levels.

There are black spots in my bead case. Is that mold?

Yes, this is because the organic matter being stored in the Cannador carried mold and it got into the bead case. Mold spores are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye until it finds the right environment to propagate (very humid conditions, which in turn may be caused by over-saturating the bead case). It is recommended that you stop using the bead case and replace it when you discover any trace of mold.

I want to use Boveda® packs, but how many do I need?

One Boveda® pack per airtight jar is sufficient to provide the right RH. There is no need to double up as this will not increase efficacy.

Why is mahogany better than cedar for this application?

Mahogany is a neutral wood that won’t impart oils or flavors like cedar. Cedar is great for cigar humidors because it has a very distinct spicy smell, which can add flavor to the cigars.

When is your shipping cut-off time?

Our daily ship cut-off is 4pm EST Monday thru Friday.