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Cannabis Storage Jars

Cannabis Storage Jars

Cannabis Storage Jars

October 31, 2014 Cannabis Storage

Cannabis Storage Jars


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the perforated cannabis storage jars that sit inside the Cannador® and how its best to use them when storing cannabis. The reason why these cannabis storage jars are perforated is to allow for moist air generated by either the Humidity Bead System® or Boveda® to enter the jar and keep the trichomes from losing water. The whole purpose of the Cannador® is to mitigate evaporative loss by maintaining the appropriate moisture levels. We’ve learned that the optimal ratio is 55% to 62% Relative Humidity. This not only ensures that the trichomes will maintain their water, but it also locks in the flavor of your cannabis.

Some of the main questions about these cannabis storage jars include “is it best to leave the perforations all the way open?” or “how should we position the lid so that all the moisture enters?” Opening the lid so that all the perforations are exposed to let air in is optimal for the moist air to come through the cannabis storage jar, whether its the holes or the slot. They both work the same and its roughly the same amount of space. The reason why we made it adjustable is so that if you wanted to remove the jar from the Cannador® you could either burp it or leave it closed to trap in the moist air and aroma. It’s just one more mechanism to control your environment.

The reason why these cannabis storage jars are better than plain glass storage jars is because there’s no mechanism to control humidity in a glass jar unless you insert a Humidity Bead System® or Boveda® pack. It is true that you want to keep cannabis in an airtight, low oxygen environment. This is because O2 degrades THC, so we’ve made the Cannador® airtight while the jars inside can still benefit from the humidity system.

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