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Bluetooth Hygrometer

Bluetooth Hygrometer

Bluetooth Hygrometer

May 27, 2016 Cannabis Lifestyle Cannabis Storage

Blustream™ Sensor and App by Blustream Corporation


The tech world is starting to sink its teeth into the cannabis industry with new and innovative growing and agricultural solutions, but what about cannabis storage? We recently partnered with a tech company in Massachusetts called Blustream to help them translate their Bluetooth technology used for calibrating and monitoring relative humidity (RH) in musical instruments for our cannabis humidors. After months of their hard work on perfecting the hardware and programming for compatibility in iOS and Android devices, we wanted to share with you the benefits of this device.



It’s called Blustream™ Sensor and App by Blustream Corporation. The smartphone app syncs with a small sensor, which includes a hygrometer and thermometer that is placed inside of your humidor. The app communicates with the sensor to let you know the RH and temperature in real time. The app tracks the RH and temperature every hour and displays this information on a timeline that you can scroll through. This is perfect for those who use the Humidity Bead System® or Boveda® packs inside of your humidor because it will display when the RH starts to dip, thereby letting you know it’s time rehydrate your bead system or replace your humidity packs with fresh ones.




A great feature about this app that we really like is its ability to set thresholds for humidity and temperature. For example, if you are storing cannabis, it’s best to keep the RH between 55% and 62% RH, so you can set a low threshold of 50% RH and a high threshold of 67% RH and be alerted when the RH hits these levels. The same goes for temperature. It’s best to keep cannabis in a cool dark place so if you set 75F as your temperature threshold, you would get an alert once the temperature has reached this number.

The app can keep track of multiple sensors, so if you have more than one humidor, you can name them each by the make or model and track the RH and temperature of each humidor. There’s one other feature that is included in the app and that’s a high-impact alert or “impact incident” as it’s labeled within the app. If your humidor/sensor falls or experiences turbulence, you will be alerted. This would be relevant if someone were stealing or breaking into the humidor and would allow you to know the date and time that it happened. You can set the impact-alert threshold by g-force, so if your high school physics book isn’t handy, you might try Googling “how to calculate g-force” or “physics calculations related to falling objects” or “has the US education system failed me?” These are all great questions, none of which we can easily answer, but if you have questions related to the device and its launch, we’re happy to assist: