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Weed Jars

Weed Jars

Weed Jars

September 24, 2016 Cannabis Storage Marijuana Storage

Weed Jars

We've created a new airtight lid for our weed jars that can be utilized with 4g Boveda® 58% RH packs for the 1/4oz size jars or 8g packs for the larger 1/2oz weed jars. This is a great alternative to the using the bead system since there's no effort or work involved, simply add in your Boveda® pack and seal up the lid. 


Some people prefer using Boveda® humidity packs because there's no maintainance involved. Simply set the packs in your weed jars and close the lid. Once the packs start turning hard, that's when it's time to replace. Generally speacking, you can get the life of a Boveda® product to last many months if you don't expose the pack to air and its kept in a well-sealed jar. The purpose of keeping your bud in an airtight weed jar is to minimize exposure to oxygen, which dregrades THC, and also to add the right amount of humidity to the buds. This helps maintain the terpenoids that give the buds its aroma and flavor. We prefer using 58% RH Boveda® packs in our jars because it makes for a great vape. 

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