Best Cannabis Pipes

Best Cannabis Pipes

For the combustion enthusiats, there's a unique revitalization of the classic "one-hitter" that's now taking root among glass pipe companies who are looking to broaden their appeal. Joints are among the oldest and more traditional methods of smoking cannabis. For some, present company not included, they're easy to roll and small enough to pack with you for a trip or concert. That's what makes these glass pipes so much fun, their small size, portability, and stylish features make for a renewed approach to the classic joint. We outlined the best cannabis pipes below because we love their look and functionality and it's a great accompaniment to the Cannador. 


This is our favorite cannabis glass pipe because of the thought that went into it's design. The inner screw, which twists, allows you to easily load, and the best part is that you can reverse the screw to push out the burned weed. This would be like when you go to reignite a joint and have to cut off the burnt end becuse it's all dry and crispy. This product totaly avoids that problem making a better user-experience. Plus, it comes with an end cap so you can contain everything when you travel. The mouth piece filters out tiny buds so every inhale is a pure smoke. Nothing worse than a mouthful of burnt buds! 

Grav Labs Glass Blunt

Grav Labs always creates the most innovative glass, from tasters to large rigs, their intricate designs and user-friendly features make for a greate product! This little glass blunt is a sleek and simple to use cannabis pipe that can accompany you with your travels. The rubber fitting connects the mouthpiece with the tube to separate and create distance from the flame. 

Marley Natural Steamroller

An elegant approach to the glass blunt, this large steamroller would go very will with the dark walnut Cannador, and naturally, any fine herb. The wooden mouthpiece separates the glass for a smooth burn and easy handling.