Best CBD Strains

Best CBD Strains

CBD-Rich strains are in high demand, which has resulted in more than a few options for anyone seeking the therapeutic effects of high-cannabinoid strains of marijuana. Here are some of the best CBD Strains. 

Every year, new strains of high CBD cannabis are developed, each with its own flavor and its own psychoactive effects. Each has a different ratio of CBD (that’s the therapeutic component of cannabis) to THC (the psychoactive part that gets you high). Needless to say, there’s a different strain for everyone, so cherry-picking from dozens of options to bring you the “Best Strains” means we’re really only giving you a primer. It’s up to you and your personal needs and desires to venture beyond a “Best of” list, but this will get you started in the right direction.



Charlotte’s Web: the Miracle

Charlotte’s Web is a high CBD/low THC variant that’s named for the little girl whose Epilepsy seizures all but stopped once she took it. Her parents were at their wits’ end as she experienced 300 grand mal seizures a week and no traditional treatments worked at all. The day her parents first put this high CBD oil in her food, her seizures were reduced the very first hour.



AC/DC: the Healer

AC/DC is another option with a very high CBD/THC ratio: 20 to 1. It’s also used for treating symptoms of epilepsy, as well as pain, depression, and anxiety. It’s also known to significantly reduce symptoms of cancer and MS.



Cannatonic: the Pioneer

Another high CBD ratio strain, Cannatonic is famous as a migraine-busting godsend by people who suffer this debilitating type of headache. It’s also good for muscle spasms and pain. We call it the Pioneer because it’s one of the first strains bred for the high CBD ratio that’s called for in therapeutic varieties.



Harlequin: the Classic

This is considered a high CBD strain, but compared to some of the others on this list, it’s more balanced. At a ratio of 5:2 (CBD:THC), it certainly reduces stress and anxiety and leaves you relaxed. However, unlike pure TCH marijuana, you won’t end up feeling foggy. We call it the Classic because it’s been around a while, and the newer strains coming out today often use Harlequin in the mix.