Best Marijuana to Smoke on Christmas

Best Marijuana to Smoke on Christmas

With the Holidays coming up, we thought we’d ask around what is the best marijuana to smoke on Christmas and where to get it if you’re in the Portland area. We asked Stephen Gold who is getting ready to launch the Daily Leaf, an online e-tailer specializing in finding local deals on cannabis and ancillary products.

Stephen, you recently hosted a launch party for the Daily Leaf in Portland, we heard you had over 500 attendees, how did that go?

The Pre-Party for The Dope Cup this past October in Portland was great. We were able to put together over 30 sponsors to give away close to $5,000 worth of products related to the marijuana industry. With marijuana recreational sales starting in October, it was the perfect time to host an event. The people of Portland were in high spirits and the town was buzzing from the excitement. Our team thought that it would be a good party and it blew our expectations out of the water. When we showed up, there was already a line around the building!

Photo of Line outside Oregon Weed shop

Is it surprising to you that first week sales of marijuana in Oregon have cast a shadow on those from Colorado and Washington?

You know, I think everyone in the industry in Oregon expected there to be high sales the first week recreational sales began because every medical dispensary had the option to sell recreational as well. In Washington and Colorado the amount of recreational dispensaries open for business was much lower. Every news source was covering it and it got a lot of great press. There is still a lot of progress to be made as laws and regulations get finalized. Regulations were just adopted at the end of October and will be updated again in June 2016. The whole concept of stores selling medical and recreational still needs to be addressed and regulated. While it is a great step forward, people need to realize that it is just the beginning. Oregon is listening to growers, processors, dispensaries, and the consumers to make sure that regulations allow for everyone to have their voice heard.

Many of us are going to start looking for the best strains to smoke on Christmas, so we thought we’d get your take.

A great strain for the Fall/Winter time would be Sunset Sherbert. It is still very hard to find, but if you have tried this strain then you know that it is a perfect strain for an overcast day. It is an indica dominant hybrid with a purple-ish hue. It is heavy and will knock you into the couch with just a couple of hits, so if you’re on a budget, you wont need to buy much! It originated in Northern California and is now just starting to spread in neighboring states.

How much are these strains going for in Portland and where can you get the best buds?

The price of cannabis is starting to rise in Portland. As a medical patient, 2 months ago I could have walked into a shop and got a gram with prices ranging from $5-$10 ($10 getting you the most dominant, strongest, potent marijuana you can find in a shop). Now, with recreational sales beginning, prices have gone way up. Recreational consumers will find themselves paying around $10-$18 a gram, and in January there will be a sales tax incorporated as well. Hands down, the best strains can be found in Portland at Calyxes and Farma. Both are exceptional shops that I believe are paving the way for the way dispensaries should be run in the United States.

We’re seeing a lot of high-end dispensaries launching in the Portland area, what are some must-sees if you’re in the area?

With so many dispensaries popping up in Portland, the way a dispensary will set itself apart is through its branding, making the consumer feel that they are getting a high end experience and selling superior product. Being able to deliver superior product relies on having exclusive relationships with growers and being the only one to deliver those goods. That is what makes Calyxes so good. They offer products exclusively from Bodhi Farms, which only sells at one or two other dispensaries in town. They make sure the flower they bring to market is above standard and that gets the people in the door. I have heard great things about Jayne as well. They are dispensary in the NE part of town that is about to open its doors. They have a great location and already intriguing consumers with their branding on the side of the building.