Best Storage for Weed

Best Storage for Weed

What happens when you don’t add any humidity to weed and it’s stored in dry conditions?

​At Cannador®, we strive to learn and develop the best storage for weed, so we thought we’d share what happens to weed when you store it in different conditions. For those who don’t have weed long enough to store, you need not read any further, but for those who do, here’s what we found out.

We stored weed in 2 different containers and watched what happened after 1 month. Each container was opened once every 3 days to simulate use so the weed could be exposed to air (yes, we know that’s rather conservative for some of you). The first container was a clear plastic screw top jar, kept in a basement that had an average temperature of 50°F and 28% RH. The second was a clear mason jar kept in a room that had an average temperature of 63°F and 42% RH. The third was our “control”, a Cannador®, which we kept beside both of the other containers in the other two rooms. The Cannador® that sat beside the clear plastic screw top jar had a 60% Humidity Bead System® and the other Cannador® that sat beside the mason jar had 2 large 62% Boveda® Packs.

After a month in nearly bone dry conditions, yet in a sealed screw top plastic container, the weed was so dry that it could be crumbled into a pile just by pinching it. The Cannador® that sat beside it the whole time was adequately hydrated with a 60% Humidity Bead System®. The bud stored in the Cannador® could be pressed flat by pinching it and nothing broke.

Even though the RH was slightly higher in the other room that had the mason jar, the weed was still pretty dry and crumbled easily. The Cannador® that sat beside this mason jar had 2 large Boveda® packs and the weed stored with Boveda® had bounce to it after a month.

By no means was this the most sophisticated or scientific test we conducted, it was more of a household test so we could visibly see the differences. Had either a Humidity Bead System® or Boveda® pack been stored in either the plastic screw top jar or mason jar, the results might have been comparable to the weed stored in a Cannador®, but quite naturally, we wanted to test the efficacy or our own products first!