Best Weed Friendly Accessories for Travel

Best Weed Friendly Accessories for Travel

If you’re an avid traveler, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you need compact, sleek, and functional cannabis accessories. Unfortunately, it’s a hassle lugging around your cherished glass percolator bong or your Volcano vaporizer. You need weed-friendly accessories that make your life easier and your travels more fun.

Check out these practical cannabis accessories that can fit perfectly in your small, medium, or large cannabis travel case or bag.

For the Small Travel Case

Small cannabis travel cases can fit just enough to get you by and high. From rolling papers to grinder cards, these weed-friendly accessories must be small and lightweight so they don’t take up too much space in your precious cargo.

Grinder Card

Leave your four-chamber grinder at home for this adventure. Instead, bring along an inconspicuous weed grinder card. A quick search on Amazon yields a plentiful selection of minimalistic and elaborately designed grinder cards. Raw’s Three-Way Shredder Grinder will enable you to essentially grate your Blue Cheese strain on-the-go.

Rolling Papers and Tips

Rolling papers and tips are a must-have cannabis travel item. You want to stay away from chemical-laden rolling papers, though. Check out Raw’s plant-based rolling papers in classic, organic hemp, or ultra-thin black form. Snag a filter tip or glass tip to keep your fingers from burning, too. Raw’s cones are pre-made joint solutions in cone form. All you need to do is pack your flower and hand twist the end.


A cannabis tool set is essential for a seamless travel experience. Grab Cannador’s tool set featuring a shovel for scooping and loading, a poker for scraping, and scissors for cutting your cannabis material. These tools are the perfect travel buddies.

Smell-Proof Container

If you’re bringing along cannabis flower, you’re going to need a smell-proof weed container to not attract unwanted attention. Grab a Cannador® Miron® jar to store your exclusive shelf flower. Sure, your travel case will shield your flower from light, but these jars completely block UV light so your cannabis stays fresh throughout your travels.


One of the most travel-friendly vaping devices on the market has to be the Pax Era. It’s sleek and stunning design is an added bonus. Choose from a variety of Pax pod strains made by licensed producers in your area. The Pax Era enables you to set an exact vaping temperature so you can really taste the terpenes.

Portable Glass Piece

Prefer a more traditional consumption method when you’re out and about? Make sure to bring along your glass one-hitter or steamroller piece. Marley Naturals’ smoked glass steamroller is simple and elegant. Don’t forget the airport-friendly lighter or one that won’t give out even when it’s windy.

For the Travel Backpack

If you’re carrying your smell-proof case in a regular or smell-proof backpack, this travel essential will keep you busy and entertained on your downtime.

Reading Material

There’s plenty of cannabis-related reading material available about every aspect of the plant. Even if you’re a cannabis expert, you can be riveted and entertained by Box Brown’s non-fiction graphic novel, “Cannabis - The Illegalization of Weed in America.” His whimsical and clean artwork make the entire history of weed digestible and engaging. You won’t want to put it down.

Make sure to keep in mind the rules about traveling with weed in a car and on a plane. Some airports may not be so welcoming of your ounce jar of pungent Sour Diesel. These weed-friendly accessories can keep you up-and-running without a hitch. Now, go out there and explore the world and let cannabis elevate your experience.