Cannabis Christmas Gifts For Everyone

Cannabis Christmas Gifts For Everyone

The holiday season is upon us and with it come a cavalcade of Christmas ornaments, treats, and gifts. Now that cannabis has earned mainstream appeal, everyone from soccer moms to your down-to-earth grandparents is able to benefit from the chemical compounds found in cannabis, all without getting high. Read on to check out the best cannabis Christmas gifts for every member of your family.

For Techies

The Puffco Peak ($379.99) offers the tech-obsessed cannabis consumer an intelligent e-rig featuring a silicone base, see-through housing, and multiple stunning base designs. The Medusa Peak features rose gold details, while the Neon Peak has a glow-in-the-dark silicone base making it a unique statement piece.

The Peak is the perfect gift for the dabbing connoisseur or even entry-level concentrate users looking for an effortless dab. The device comes with 4 unique user heat settings, which can heat up a dab in as little as 20 seconds. Intelligent temperature controls keep the bowl a consistent temperature, while haptic feedback ensures novice or experienced users take the perfect hit.

For Chefs

If your family member loves making cannabis-infused edibles, they’ll love a decarboxylation machine, which activates the inactive chemical compounds found in raw flower, kief, or concentrates. While too big to go in Christmas stockings, the Nova ($210-$220) can hold up to one ounce of flower or five ounces of kief. 

Help your family members streamline their cooking process with the new and improved LEVO II ($349.99). This newer version features three settings, as well as Dry and Activate cycles to prepare your raw cannabis however you’d like. LEVO’s app-enabled capabilities allow you to decarboxylate remotely all through your phone.

For Bibliophiles

A book is a great stocking-stuffer for the reader in your life. For those that are uninitiated to cannabis culture, gift them Lizzie Post’s “Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties” ($16.99, hardcover). The book covers matters of decorum from gifting cannabis to avoiding canoed joints and other cannabis consumption mishaps. Catch up on the plant’s history with Martin Booth’s “Cannabis: A History.”

For Athletes

Whether your family member is into recreational sports or simply likes to go out for a daily morning walk, they can benefit from cannabinoid-infused topicals for muscle pain and joint relief. Cordial Organic’s Restore Stick ($22) is meant to reduce soreness, aches, and strains around the body. Each stick features 200 mg of hemp-derived CBD. For a cooler experience, choose Populum’s Cold Therapy hemp rub ($45) made with chamomile, arnica, and aloe vera.

For Writers

Help your favorite wordsmith keep track of all of their cannabis experiences with Goldleaf’s cannabis journals and notebooks ($16.99-$18.99). Journals and notebook options are designed for specific purposes for growers, pet owners, medicinal users, CBD users, and more. Each journal comes with cream-colored and acid-free pages that can keep track of everything from growing cycles to daily medicinal intake.

For Pets

Don’t forget to gift your furry-legged friends the gift of CBD this year. Honest Paws’ CBD oil is intended for use with dogs or cats. Its all-natural and lab-tested oil comes in multiple varieties including Calming, Restore, and Relief options. Honest Paws even makes CBD calming oil for horses, if you have one in the family.


This holiday season, don’t give your family members the expected Christmas gifts of socks, gift cards, or cash. A cannabis-infused present makes a great gift for those who are already a fan of the plant or simply curious about the plant’s effects and benefits. Cannabis is the perfect holiday plant. From becoming a part of your holiday wreath to infused cookies for Santa, using or gifting cannabis during the holidays can be a new Christmas tradition.