Cannabis Infused Teas For Any Mood

Cannabis Infused Teas For Any Mood

By Fred Hernandez

Cannabis-infused teas are perfect for new and experienced cannabis consumers. Tea packets can contain anywhere from 3mg to 80mg THC or CBD. THC-rich tea packets can provide energizing and uplifting effects with a slight cerebral buzz. CBD-rich teas provide clear-headed, relaxing, and pain-relieving experiences. Take a look at these organic and innovative tea brands making cannabis-infused teas for any mood.


Get your organic, lab-tested, and biodegradable tea bags from Kikoko teas made from whole-plant extract. These low dose (3-10mg THC per packet) teas can treat pain and anxiety (Sympa-tea), promote better sleep (Tranquili-Tea), enjoy a romantic evening (Sensuali tea) and improve your mood (Positivi-Tea).

Stillwater Tea

For cannabis users on the go, Stillwater Tea offers disposable and organic tea sticks with low and varying doses of THC and CBD. Replace your morning cup of coffee with their Blissful Black Tea or ease your mind and body with their caffeine-free Mellow Mint Tea (each with 1:1 THC:CBD ratio). Their Gentle Green Tea offers a microdose of THC and CBD to stave off anxiety and give you a jolt of energy.

Evergreen Herbal Tea

Evergreen Herbal Tea offers classic cannabis infusions including their Black Assam High Tea, Chai High Tea, Green Tea, and sleep-inducing PM Formula made with a delicate dose of chamomile, catnip, peppermint, and valerian root.

Subtle Tea

Subtle Tea offers consumers a moderate dose of 25-40mg THC or CBD. For a slight cerebral buzz, try their Sencha Green tea. For pain or sleeping issues, choose the CBD-heavy Dreamtime PM and Lemon Ginger with Turmeric teas. Caffeine-free options include the Masala Chai and Hibiscus Berry teas.

Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Co

Mad Hatter features a variety of indica and sativa teas like their invigorating IntensiTea Sencha De Samurai or their mellowing DiviniTea. Chai lovers will appreciate Mad Hatter’s bountiful array of blends made with ingredients like mushroom cocoa and Amazonian herbs.

Brother Apothecary

Portland’s Brother Apothecary crafts high-quality tea made from hemp made with coconut milk to increase CBD absorption (40mg CBD per bag). To relax and ease your worries, try their Golden Dream chamomile blend, Mellow Mint, or Buddha’s Berry teas. For focus and clarity, try their Chai Awakening tea.

Mary’s Wellness

Mary’s Wellness offers tons of cannabis-infused tea options including Berry Berry, Lemon, Chai, Chamomile, Earl Grey, Green, Peppermint, and the list goes on. If you have sleeping issues, their Sleep & Relax herbal blend can promote better sleep.

Zen Potion

Zen Potion makes micro and macro-dose teas with THC and CBD. Whether you’re looking for a clear-headed and mellowing blend (Healing Tea) or an intense and pain-relieving tea (Big Bang or Nirvana Tea), Zen Potion has a herbal infusion for you.

House of Jane

House of Jane makes 12-ounce bottled teas in three flavors: Energizing Sweet Black, Reviving Green, and Refreshing Unsweetened Tea. Grab a few of these if you need a convenient and effective dose.


Honorable Mention: For a sweet and refreshing take on cannabis-infused teas, try Dixie Elixirs Peach Iced Tea (90 or 200mg THC) on a sweltering summer day.