Cannabis Photographers You Have To Follow On Instagram

Cannabis Photographers You Have To Follow On Instagram

Cannabis photography is a relatively new segment due to the wave of cannabis legalization that has swept across the country in the last few years. Instagram has made it easier than ever for cannabis-curious photographers to share their work with those searching for cannabis-related keywords. These professional cannabis photographers capture mesmerizing shots of sun-grown cannabis flower, amber-colored shatter, and people enjoying cannabis freely. Check out these cannabis photographers on Instagram if you’re looking to learn more about the plant and revel in works of art.

1. @erik.nugshots

Erik Christiansen (aka @erik.nugshots on Instagram) is the founder of photography, video, and design company, Nugshots. His incredible macro-photography and 360-degree hyperzoom videos showcase the rich color and structure of trichomes on cannabis flower. Instagram posts often include strain type, equipment used, and education about trichome photography. If you love his photography, check out his book, “Green: A Pocket Guide to Pot,” which includes photographs of 150 strains and informative descriptions.

2. @curt_ice

Curtis Taylor is the photographer and community manager of Green Bodhi, an Oregon-based cannabis farm that focuses on “intentional horticulture.”  Intentional horticulture emphasizes Buddhist teachings with innovative organic farming techniques. These unique growing methods result in thriving cannabis flower captured by Curtis. Macro shots reveal microscopic trichomes that fill each bud. The dark background in his photos bring out intense purple, orange, and green hues across different Green Bodhi strains.

3. @canna.obscura

Allie Beckett and her significant other, Charlie Cassidy, co-founded TKO Reserve, a family owned and operated organic cannabis farm in Washington and Oregon. Her experience as a photojournalist and commercial cannabis photographer drove her passion toward working with leading cannabis media companies and publishing a book, “As The Grass Grows: A Journey Into The WA State Cannabis Industry.” Allie uses colorful backdrops to complement TKO Reserve strains. She captures everything from dreamy smoking shots to lifestyle shots of cannabis products she’s been using.

4. @devilslettuceph

Randi’s cannabis photography is aimed at reversing the negative stigma associated with cannabis use. Using her trusty Canon 7D camera and her 100mm L macro lens, she brilliantly photographs common cannabis pests, sun-grown strains, concentrates, and nature in incredible detail. She prefers to take field shots, but you can also find various lifestyle imagery throughout her Instagram feed. Fans of her cannabis photography can purchase canvas prints of strains and concentrates, as well as shirts featuring her shots.


Based in Seattle, Washington, Oleg Zharsky takes flawless portraits, product photography, and macro photography. His Instagram feed features shots of beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, smoking with friends, new products, and picture-perfect cannabis plants. His experience in both analog and digital technologies enable him to create a unique and individualized look to every photograph in his collection.

6. @constantconcentrates

Dab Cat produces pristine macro shots of trichomes using a technique known as focus stacking to increase sharpness. His pictures provide up-close and unreal images where you can see microscopic bubbles and craters on the stalk and gland of the trichomes. It’s fascinating to see an intimate look into the exterior and inner surface of the trichome where the majority of cannabinoids and terpenes reside. His feed also includes flower, wax, crumble, and other extract shots in stunning detail.

7. @thiscannabislife

Morgan Leigh English is a cannabis lifestyle and branding photographer that takes highly polished photographs. Her Instagram feed features pictures shot in natural light, mouthwatering overlay shots of food you wish you were munching on, and glamorous photos of her and her friends enjoying cannabis flower. Her images provide a luxurious and refined look at cannabis that helps to remove the negative stigma associated with regular cannabis use.