Cannabis Traveling Laws

Cannabis Traveling Laws

Before you go ahead and hollow out a Bic pen to stash your cannabis flower for your upcoming road trip, there are a few failsafe methods that will enable you to travel freely across the country with your favorite cannabis product. Gone are the days when you stored your flower in a baggie inside a peanut butter jar or in your underwear to avoid getting caught. Modern cannabis accessories have made it much safer and convenient to keep your cannabis fresh and properly stored when you’re on-the-go.

Traveling With Cannabis By Air

If you’re traveling cross-country by plane, storing your cannabis inconspicuously is key. While TSA agents aren’t looking for cannabis, specifically, they will perform closer inspections if you’re carrying liquids (even 3.5 oz. or under toiletries), for example. Keep your flower or edibles stored in your carry-on luggage. Checked baggage is searched more carefully than carry-ons.

Also, make sure all cannabis products are out of their original packaging. If places in a ziploc bag or some other unnoticeable storage container, they’ll look just like any other snack. Flower is harder to travel with due to the potent smell. Stash bags made out of organic fibers tend to keep smell out compared to other materials.

Vaporizer enthusiasts will be happy to hear that airports will let you bring a vaporizer (not modified vaporizers) on your carry-on. Additionally, some vaporizers are designed to look like asthma inhalers which will attract less attention.

Traveling With Cannabis On The Road

Driving cross-country with cannabis is technically illegal, but is the safest way to travel with cannabis. As mentioned above, there are homemade and other DIY techniques to store your cannabis, but nothing compared to specially-designed airtight containers to keep the smell at a minimum.

Medical cannabis laws and common sense suggest that you keep your cannabis in a closed container in the trunk of your car. You can hide your herb in nooks and crannies, but you’ll still be left with the smell inside your car, which can get you in trouble if you’re pulled over.

The most important thing to know when traveling with cannabis is the local laws regarding cannabis possession. Furthermore, if you’re carrying pounds upon pounds of your latest harvest, then you’re more likely to get in trouble as opposed to carrying only a small amount for personal consumption.

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