Elevate Your Pre-Roll Game with these Joint Essentials

Elevate Your Pre-Roll Game with these Joint Essentials

Joints, blunts, and spliffs offer consumers convenience and portability in a neat little rolled package. Whether you roll them on your own or buy pre-made pre-rolled cones and cigarettes, joints harken back to more traditional delivery methods. Elevate your pre-roll experience with these high-end and functional joint accessories.

Rolling Papers and Cones

Some may view 24K rolling papers as gauche, but there’s no denying the novelty and excitement that comes along with puffing on a rolling paper made with edible 24K gold and a hemp blend paper.  Try Shine’s 24K gold rolling papers ($45 for a 6-sheet pack) or buy a pre-rolled cone for easy assembly.

Get yourself something from Devambez’s premium line of rolling paper products found at luxury designer Barney’s New York among other smoking tools. Grab a single pre-made cone ($22.50) made with handcrafted organic hemp harvested in the Champagne region of France. Even it’s navy box packaging evokes opulence and an eye for design.


Filters and Tips

Refine your joint smoking experience with a filter, crutch, or tip made from a variety of high-quality materials. Higher Standards’ premium glass filter tips ($16) come in an assortment of colors and are meant to last. For a more personal and colorful filter, choose Edie Parker’s short handmade glass joint tips ($45) in orange, green, yellow, and other colors.

Rolling Tray

Wrap a pristine joint, blunt, or spliff on a sleek and smooth surface like our mahogany rolling tray ($39) finished with mineral oil for a smokey dark shade. An opening on the bottom left corner allows you to clean up or pack a pre-rolled cone with ease. Its organic nature means each piece will vary in color from light to dark.

Cannabis Jar

The perfect joint starts off with cannabis or hemp flower buds that have the highest trichome concentration. Ensure your cannabinoids don’t break down with UV-protection Miron® jars ($13) that can block all UVB rays to slow down the deterioration of THC and CBD in your flower buds.


Embellish your mini Bic lighter with a sophisticated and edgy lighter case by Good Art Hlywd. It’s made of polished sterling silver and features the brand’s signature rosette motif. Express your unique style with Vintage’s abalone lighter cover ($625) for Bic lighters. 

For those with an eclectic and avant-garde sense of decor, choose Andrew O. Hughe’s octahedron table lighter and ashtray set ($1,250). Its aqua-lavender dichroic glass structure doubles as a home accent when stacked and emits a luminescent sparkle that changes color depending on the light and angle you’re looking from.



Andrew O. Hughes crafts another stellar smoking accessory with the polytope ashtray ($800) made out of rose-citrine dichroic glass cast into a rhombus shape. Tetra’s luxury smokeware shop also features Achille Castiglioni’s 1970-created spiral ashtray ($105) featuring a steel spiral around the top. Stick your joint in between the coils for an easy and relaxed smoking session.

If you’re looking for something with more of an industrial edge, head to the Flower Pot’s online apothecary of blended herbs and oils for smoking accessories, too. Concrete Cat’s incense bowl and ashtray set ($100) is a concrete work of art in various aqua, coral, grey, gold, and black patterns.


Joint smoking is quickly becoming a long lost art form. Modern vaporizing technology and various delivery forms are overtaking traditional smoking methods. Despite the rapid modernization of cannabis, smoking cannabis in a pipe, bong, or joint remains an enduring tradition that continues with the modern-day cannabis consumer.