High End Smoking Products

High End Smoking Products

Travel Like a Pro with These High-End Smoking Products

When it comes to traveling with marijuana, it’s easier and less stressful to be fully equipped with the right gear. Whether you’re touring the big city for a day, at a friends house or on the go. Wherever you’re going, we outlined some simple and stylish smoking travel gear for your weekend getaway or staycation.

Photo of Light Bro's Miracle Working Multi Tool

Lighter Bro’s Miracle Working Multi Tool:

You’re about 5 hours into your road trip, leg room is at a minimum and you’re due for a smoke sesh. You want to breakdown some sticky buds but you just remembered you forgot your grinder on the coffee table at home. You manage to locate your favorite glass pipe but it’s all clogged with resin and won’t hit. No worries, you’re smarter than that because you packed Lighter Bro’s Multi Tool. Instead of taking the time to find something to scrape your pipe or your fingers, you now have the Swiss-Army of lighters. This Multi Tool has spring-loaded scissors that help you trim your marijuana buds to perfection. It also comes with a tiny phillips-head screwdriver. LighterBro Multi Tools are functional yet elegant, designed for durability and style. With proper care and use, your LighterBro will outlast many disposable Bic lighters and bring you years of convenience.

Photo of Cannador® Travel Cannaster

Cannador’s Travel Cannaster:

Having a good jar is just as important as having high quality marijuana. Mason jars are usually a grower’s go-to for weed storage, but get creative, do a little research, and you’ll be amazed to see what kind of cool weed containers you can find. Not only will you be camouflaging the smell, but your buds won’t get flattened in your pockets when you’re out and about. Cannador has taken marijuana storage and turned their unique products into a must-have for trips and sightseeing. Their newly launched travel series cater to those who are on-the-go. The Cannaster is both durable and airtight with extremely tight fitting threads that will ensure no smell will leak (airtight up to 20ft under water). Cannador’s airtight single Cannaster can fit 3/8 oz of bud and additional Cannasters can be purchased separately to form one single Cannaster by using a connector ring, thereby allowing you to store multiple strains. These Cannasters do a great job at concealing smell and remaining in one piece after a turbulent ride.

Photo of Sploofy's Discreet Smoke Filter

Sploofy’s Discreet Smoke Filter:

Sploofy is a discreet and portable smoke filtration device. It filters the exhaled smoke of marijuana after you’ve taken a hit. Better than the old toilet paper roll and dryer sheet trick, Sploofy is durable and much more efficient. Designed to last up to 300 uses, Sploofy actually deodorizes resin particles to give you a smokeless and odorless effect. The filtration cartridge is replaceable and includes a HEPA filter with 99.97% efficiency and premium coconut shell activated carbon. Sploofy doesn’t just hide the smell of marijuana but actually filters the smoke. Being small in size, the Sploofy is perfect to take with you wherever you go and won’t take up too much room in your Cannador or travel bag. This is definitely a product you need if you like to smoke in stealth and don’t want your furniture or clothes to stink. Add this gem to your high end smoking products collection!

Photo of Cookie's Smell Proof Duffle Bag

Cookie’s Smell Proof Duffle Bag:

Cookie’s odor free duffle bags are designed to be the ultimate travel commodity in odor protection. The company’s authentic and original accessory line also features smoke essentials outside of their innovative smell proof bags and is most known for their cannabis rolling trays. Cookies SF has captured the attention of hip-hop moguls, professional sport stars and R&B artists. Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berners’ Cookies SF signature style mixes conventional design with a variety of cultural blends, edgy colors, artistic messages and trend setting concepts. The duffle bags are made from either quilted nylon or denim to mitigate odor leakage. They also have plenty of room and pockets to keep various items separated. Cookies SF provides the latest modernized look in safe storage and transportation for your favorite marijuana. All of their products are customized to deliver safe, secure, and odorless layers of protection to transport and store any of your best buds.

Storing your stash is important for keeping it fresh and in some cases, hidden. These high end smoking products are a must-have for the frequent traveler that enjoys a puff here and there. Make sure to check out these products in greater detail to see if they’re right for you!