Holiday Gift Guide for Stoners

Holiday Gift Guide for Stoners

Do you have a friend who is almost impossible to shop for during the holiday season? If that friend also happens to enjoy marijuana, then we’ve got a few ideas for him or her. This year, we’ve put together our version of the Holiday Gift Guide for Stoners:​

Photo of The StashTray

The StashTray

The StashTray is unlike any other rolling tray. Known as the “ultimate magnetic smoking station”, this tray and all of the accompanying accessories fit inside a box. Not only that, it’s actually disguised as a leather bound book. It’s a classy, stylish piece anyone would be happy to show off. The StashTray includes: A stainless Steel Rolling Tray, A storage Container, 4-Part Grinder, Innovative Ashtray, Bowl Stand, Magnetic Lighter Case (fits mini Bic lighter), High-End Book Box, and a pack of RAW papers. If you have used or seen anything like this, then you know any of your friends would love to have this quality product.

Photo of Elementium Lighter

Elementium Lighter

We like these USB rechargeable electric lighters because of their sustainability. They’re great for indoor or outdoor smoking (especially dealing with lighting a joint in the wind!). The Elementium Pure Spark lighter is the original no-­flame, USB powered lighter. No butane or flammable liquids needed! The Elementium utilizes a built-­in heating coil that gets steaming hot within a matter of seconds. The Elementium lighter also has a built in USB plug that connects to any standard USB power source. You’ll never need any equipment or accessories. One of the features that makes this lighter stand apart from the rest is the long lasting lifetime. One full charge will last 100 uses and the lighter has an overall lifespan of 500 charges. This means you’ll be able to use this lighter 50,000 times before it needs to be replaced!

Photo of Leef and Co.­

Leef and Co.­

Leef and Co. is an up-and-coming lifestyle accessory brand that has a great cannabis tool kit that makes the perfect stocking stuffer this Holiday season. These handmade lighter cases are made with real leather and come with a silver or gold chain. Recently, they’ve added to their arsenal and created a lighter case featuring their multi-­tool, which includes a roach clip and a dab tool.

Photo of Strong Silicone Bong­

Strong Silicone Bong

Strong Silicone’s bong is built for the adventurer or the clumsy. It’s super simple to use, even easier to maintain and impossible to break! The Adventurer is the most durable big hitter to hit the market. This bong is a great item made from BPA free, non toxic, 100% FDA approved food grade silicone with a boro­silicate down-stem and bowl. Just fold the bong around itself and on you go!


The Cannador

The Cannador is an authentic, stylish and incredibly functional storage container that’s one-of-a-kind. Each perforated can within the Cannador can fit 1/8 oz and allows for humid air to enter the cans to keep the bud fresh. It’s also lockable and comes with two sets of keys. It’s a fun product to have when you’re in a group setting and always gets the conversation going when people see it opened for the first time. It comes with a rechargeable bead system to regulate humidity and seals the freshness of your cannabis with an airtight barrier. The Cannador will make a memorable impression as a gift to someone special for the holidays.