Keep Your Cannabis Fresh: Beginner’s Guide on How to Store Weed

Keep Your Cannabis Fresh: Beginner’s Guide on How to Store Weed

Whatever your level of cannabis expertise and consumption, it's important to know how to store weed correctly if you wish to enjoy it for a long time. Weed must be kept in a relatively cool, dark, and humidity controlled location. When it comes to cannabis storage, it is vital to know that certain factors make a big difference whether you’re storing your weed just until the end of the week or long-term. Proper storage plays a big part in the potency and flavor of your stash.

Keep reading to learn more about how to store weed properly, and keep it fresh for a long time.

Why it’s important to store weed correctly?

Some people who like to enjoy pot on occasion don’t always understand the importance of appropriate storage. The main problem with inaccurate storage is the potential to damage the buds. If the flower is exposed to air and light, there’s a great risk of reducing its quality. Additionally, too cold or too hot temperatures along with humidity can cause problems during storage, so it’s important to find the right environment to keep your buds fluffy, potent, and aromatic.

cannabis flower doesn't usually have an expiration date but their quality will decrease if not stored correctly. Research published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology in 1976 shows that cannabinoids might remain stable for up to two years if the weed is cured correctly for at least four weeks, while in an optimal storage environment.

The best way to store your cannabis buds would be to place them in a cool and dark spot. The appropriate amount of moisture is key since it can be a threat if it's too high. Keeping the relative humidity (RH) between 55% to 65% is ideal for mitigating evaporative loss (keeping the buds from losing moisture) that retains the flavor and sponginess of the buds.   

What’s the best thing to store your weed in?

If you are wondering how to store weed properly, know that one of the most traditional ways is in a dark glass, airtight container. Glass jars can be quite useful when storing cannabis, as they will help maintain the potency by protecting the buds from air and moisture as well as completely containing any strong odor. Make sure you keep these jars in a cool environment so they will maintain potency for a year or even more.  

If you were looking for a better solution to keep your weed fresh and potent, as well as keeping your jars organized, you should try using a cannabis humidor. It is usually a wooden, mahogany container that helps maintain proper humidity and provides a nice, stylish way to store your stash. 



Proper cannabis storage

Cannabis buds can have a stable shelf life of up to a year or more if they’re adequately stored. If you want to keep your weed fresh for an even longer time, you must follow a few common tips. The sweet spot for storing cannabis is not to have the buds too dry, or else they’ll lose their flavor and freshness. However, if it’s too humid, you run the risk of mold and mildew setting in and destroying your weed.

The best way to store buds is to keep them in glass jars or stash boxes in cool, dark places. However, even if it’s convenient and cheap to use a sandwich bag to store your buds, steer clear of this solution. The seals on plastic bags are not very good and it will eventually dry out your buds. Although this might be okay for a day or two, it’s definitely not good for long-term storage. An even worse way to store your buds is to keep them in a freezer or tin cans which used to be a common practice. 

Keep it cool

    Storing weed at high temperatures may cause the terpenes to evaporate and the buds to dry out, creating an unpleasant flavor and a bad consumption experience. Conversely, keeping them at very low temperatures can freeze and rupture the trichomes that would cause the buds to lose their potency. The recommended temperature to keep marijuana fresh is below 74F, with an ideal temperature of about 65F. Just make sure you keep it in a closet, dark corner, or a drawer but avoid placing it near a heater, or outside.

    Keep it dark

    Another vital element to avoid the loss of potency and freshness is to store your buds in a dark place at all times. Exposing your buds to UV light reduces THC levels. To avoid losing its valuable cannabinoids during storage, it’s best to keep your stash away from direct sunlight. However, if you’re unable to store the containers in a dark environment, try to use an opaque container or cover them so they’re not exposed to light.

    Maintain the right humidity 

    Maintaining the right humidity level is vital when storing cannabis if it's too hight it can turn the buds into breeding grounds for mold and if it's too low, they will dry out and become brittle and tasteless. It is essential to maintain 55-65% relative humidity (RH). This is the reason why storing your cannabis in the fridge is not a good idea.

    Keep it clean

    If you want to have fresh and potent marijuana buds, you must keep the glass containers clean. Make sure you remove any grime that may contain mold spores and bacteria. Dirty containers usually contain hidden germs that could contaminate the cannabis buds, which can affect your health. Don’t forget to clean the container, as well as the storage place, thoroughly and sterilize it before using it.

    How long does weed stay fresh?

    You might ask, “How to keep my weed fresh for a long time?” – and the answer depends on how you store it. If it has been dried and cured properly, kept in a cool and shaded place with proper humidity levels, it might last over six months to even a year before it starts losing strength and flavor. However, if it’s not stored properly, it can quickly dry out and lose its beneficial properties within months. 

    Sometimes, with improper curing, storage, or drying, the weed can become moldy and go bad. According to a report by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), when low potency cannabis was stored at room temperature (70°F) and protected from light, the THC concentration in the buds decreased by roughly 15% after a year. 

    Additionally, after four years of storage, protected from light, most THC in cannabis decreased by 40%. This means that with proper storage and care, you can enjoy your stash even after one year without having it become a dud.


    In closing

    Consumers should know how to store weed the right way so they can protect their plant material. Most importantly, provide the right environment so it stays fresh and potent longer. Some of the best and most efficient methods of storing your stash properly are to keep it in a cannabis humidor like Cannador® or Miron® jars.

    This way, you will drastically lower the risk of degradation to your terpenes and cannabinoids as you will avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, light, air, and humidity. Next time you’re ready to store your stash, keep these tips in mind, and be sure to enjoy the final product.