Keep Your Weed Safe and Potent

Keep Your Weed Safe and Potent

By Fred Hernandez

Many people are now using humidors to preserve the freshness and potency of their weed. A cannabis humidor helps maintain flavor, aroma and potency by controlling the humidity, which thereby allows the terpenes to have their distinctive taste when vaped. A humidor with a lock and key is also a great way to keep your stash safe from children, and more recently a new invention that helps keep your weed even safer is the Blustream bluetooth hygrometer. When you’re not around to check on your cannabis, the Blustream hygrometer keeps you informed about humidity conditions and even lets you know if someone has tampered with your humidor by its impact sensor. The best part about this hygrometer is its ability to sync with your phone. 

Temperature and Humidity Controls

The Blustream hygrometer prevents your weed from drying out or developing mold by monitoring and recording temperature and humidity conditions remotely. Low humidity dries out cannabis trichomes that secrete therapeutic oils. When the flower dries out, the weed will lose its potency and can potentially make you feel more lathargic due to chemical transformations that occur over time. Too much humidity can create an ideal environment for mold growth that can cause respiratory illnesses. With the Blustream hygrometer, you can set minimum and maximum humidity alerts that inform you when the relative humidity fluctuates beyond your preferred parameters.

High-Impact Alerts

The Blustream hygrometer can detect impact at certain g-force levels (e.g. dropping or jarring). When your cannabis humidor is tampered with, the sensor sends a high-impact or “impact incident” alert to your app. An on-board accelerometer measures magnitudes of force applied to your sensor and records the date and time the incident occurred. You are able to turn on and off your impact detection and set your ideal “minimum g-force” threshold to inform you when someone tampers with your cannabis humidor.

Remote Controls

The Blustream app allows you to keep track of multiple sensors (up to 10) and see their activity in real time remotely. View temperature and humidity conditions through user-friendly dashboards that stores information in various increments (hours, days, months). You can explore visually-attractive graphs that store critical information about your cannabis flower by swiping right to go back in time.


Apart from keeping weed under lock and key, the Blustream hygrometer gives you more control over your flower’s storage even when you’re away. You can check if a household member or stranger attempts to tamper with your cannabis humidor. A hygrometer also slows down the natural process of degradation keeping your flower potent for as long as possible. When you’re using cannabis to alleviate pain, it’s important to keep it properly stored to get maximum potency.