Know Your Cannabis: Best Smell Proof Mason Jars for Marijuana

Know Your Cannabis: Best Smell Proof Mason Jars for Marijuana

Most cannabis users know that ideal conditions for storing cannabis buds are essential to keep them fresh, potent, and flavorful for a long time. Apart from ensuring the right environment, you must also think about storage tools that contribute to not only keeping the freshness of your stash but also mitigating odor leakage. We all know that one of the hardest things to get rid of is the strong and potent odor of weed, which is hard to mistake.

A smell proof cannabis container is a must-have smoking accessory especially if you want to take your weed on the go.

Can I keep weed in a jar?

Absolutely yes. Weed jars are usually first on the list of best marijuana storage containers that provide the ideal conditions to keep the buds fresh, flavorful, and potent for as long as you need. They’re not only affordable but also one of the most reliable cannabis storage methods.

If you’re sick of ending up with dry weed after just a couple of weeks of storage and having your whole house smell like weed, the simplest solution is stocking up on cannabis storage jars. It will help you keep the contents fresh for months. You can also find durable as well as stylish Miron® jars with UV protection, which are perfect for short and long-term storage.

A smell proof Miron® jar will lock the aroma, keep the weed fresh, and protect it from light. They’re also good when it comes to keeping the right humidity levels as this is an essential factor for the quality of your stash. Usually, great marijuana glass jars can keep your buds relatively fresh for up to a year or so. This is quite convenient for those who always like to have a stored stash and enjoy toking up regularly. These weed jars come in different sizes and designs, and can perfectly fit your taste and preferences.

Are jars smell-proof?

Usually, most airtight containers will contain the potent smell of your stash. Mason jars are popular among smokers as the go-to storage container for weed and Miron® jars (featured above) are also a great option. Additionally, keeping your stash in weed jars with a humidity pack inside, within a stash box is a great way to keep them potent and contain the smell.

When sealed properly, mason or Miron® jars can prevent the smell from spreading around and also protect your weed from oxygen and light exposure, which degrades THC.  

Choosing the right jar

When choosing the right weed jar for your precious cannabis, there are a few simple factors you must consider. Smell containment, size, durability, and UV protection as well as keeping your buds at the right RH are all essentials you must consider when shopping for a weed jar.

The size of your smell proof mason jar is also important. It’s good to know that weed jars come in various sizes and shapes whether you plan to store small or large amounts. For example, if you plan to take your stash with you on the go you might consider purchasing a small and compact stash jar for easy travel. If you want to keep it at home, choose the appropriate size depending on the amount you plan to store.

UV protection

Along with humidity, UV rays can be one of the main factors that could degrade the potency and color of your buds. Frequent exposure to UV light not only degrades the THC making the weed less potent, it also turns the buds a dull brown color. This is the reason why many people invest in UV-resistant glass jars, or opaque or dark jars that protect from the rays. However, if you don’t have one of these jars, you can always store it in a dark spot like a drawer, cabinet, or any other space where light doesn’t enter.


We all know what happens when glass meets the floor. Glass jars can easily slip through our fingers and fall to the ground dispersing into million pieces. Keeping them in a weed stash box is one way to help us organize them as well as prevent fall accidents. Additionally, think about the materials that are used to make your glass jar and whether they’re resistant to wear and tear. Some mason jars are made with silicone or rubber gaskets, which create an airtight seal when closed. Simply ensure that the components can be easily cleaned and washed when needed to extend their longevity.

Bottom line

Although there are hundreds of stash container options, a smell proof herb container seems to tick all the important boxes. The ones with airtight seals protect your precious marijuana buds from the elements and keep the smell locked inside the jar. They also come in various sizes so you can choose depending on your preferences. Adding light protection makes them a perfectly fine place to store your weed.

So, instead of storing your weed in plastic containers, pill bottles or zipper bags, invest in Miron® jars as they are one of the best ways to protect your buds while keeping the smell at bay.