Luxury Smoking Products

Luxury Smoking Products

​If you’re looking for the ultimate smoking experience, here are a handful of luxury smoking products that not only go great with the Cannador but will enhance your smoking lifestyle and impress your guests.

Photo of Cannador®


​Any cannabis connoisseur will tell you that it’s imperative keep your marijuana fresh if you want to taste the richness of a strains flavor. From the moment the buds are harvested and cured, the trichomes experience evaporative loss that will eventually dry the buds to a crsip. Just like tobacco, the method of storing your product is just as important as how it is made. Inspired from a cigar humidor, the Cannador uses similar technology to keep your marijuana from drying and losing valuable THC. Not only that, but the Cannador traps in odors and uses moisture control to keep the flowers potent and sticky. This is just one of a few innovations that truly embodies luxury in the world of cannabis and is a product that adds and creates a richness to your smoking experience.

Photo of Shine Papers

Shine Papers:

​Wars have been waged over the shiny mineral that occupies a space on the periodic table just below silver. Shine Papers waged its own war over the rolling paper industry and decided to put the gold right into the papers. This is the first ever 24K gold rolling paper and the only of its kind. Shine Papers has combined an edible gold leaf with a slow-burning interior paper. Not only is the paper gold, but your ashes come out gold as well. Perfect for high rollers, a 12-pack of these premium functional gold rolling papers will fit perfectly inside the Cannador to ensure that you take your smoke sessions to a whole new level of class as you literally inhale opulence.

Photo of The Kind Pen’s Status Vaporizer

The Kind Pen’s Status Vaporizer:

​The Kind Pen’s Status is a portable non-combustion vaporizer with a rather unique design that offers one of the largest heating chamber for portable vaporizers on the market. This vaporizer is meant for dry herbs and has a deep chamber that can hold up to 0.8 grams of your finest marijuana. This authentic pen is feather-like in weight, easy to carry, and is compatible with the super fresh buds stored in your Cannador. With a digital display, you’ll know when you’re running low on battery and how hot the oven is after you’ve heat it up. When it comes to high-quality vaporizer pens, you can always expect The Kind Pen team to offer the best of the best.

Photo of B-Real's Phuncky Feel Tips

B-Real’s Phuncky Feel Tips:

Long time smoker and marijuana advocate, B-Real of Cypress Hill, has been making huge waves with his latest product, Phuncky Feel Tips. No more ripping off pieces of rolling paper packaging to build a crutch or tip. These glass pieces are both stylish and reusable. B-Real’s Phuncky Feel Tips are sustainable and keep the unlit end of your joint from flattening and closing up with moisture. These tips also help keep bits of debris out of your mouth when you inhale while eliminating the need for a roach clip. An absolute luxury item that can be conveniently stored in your Cannador, these hand-blown glass tips are placed on the end of a joint or blunt to ensure a perfect smoking experience from start to finish. Developed by world famous glass house ROOR®, these tips are an elegant yet fun smoking accessory and a must-have.

All of these products go well with the Cannador and will give you and your friends an enjoyable and safe smoking experience, so consider these options when adding to your personal smoking collection of luxury smoking products!