Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis

Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis

We reached out to Theory Wellness’ owner, Nick Friedman to better understand what's going on in the Massachusetts recreational cannabis market, which just legalized recreational cannabis in January, although sales won’t officially begin until July.

How long has Theory Wellness been in operation in Massachusetts?

Theory was incorporated in Sept 2015 and has been fully operational since early 2017. 

Theory’s website specifies a focus on small batch cannabis, could you describe how you came to this philosophy?

We believe quality is achieved through focusing on smaller batch harvests. We loosely emulate a craft brewery and believe this produces a unique and elevating experience for cannabis users.

Do you grow from seed or from clones?

Both. We find new phenotypes using seeds, as we get the best results this way, and then propagate from those selected phenotypes via clones. We usually pop around 100 seeds of a given strain which searching for a single phenotype, and the narrowing down process takes about 6-9 months. 

In your words, what's the real benefit to craft growing?

It provides a higher attention to detail, allowing us to develop the highest quality products which will better address patient's need for care.

Was there a trial and error process when you decided to grow in small batches?

We are constantly in a process of controlled trial and error. At any given time we're conducting a variety of tests to try new techniques from the cultivation side all the way through MIP (Marijuana Infused Products). We take a strict, scientific approach to our testing processes. Our decision to grow small batches in a small cultivation facility was based on our prior experience cultivating throughout New England. 

As of January 1st, 2018, Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis alongside its medical program. Do you grow medical and recreational cannabis separately?

Both are grown in the same facility with little differentiation besides chosen genetics.