Storing Marijuana 101: How to Choose the Best Weed Box

Storing Marijuana 101: How to Choose the Best Weed Box

Long are the days when cannabis enthusiasts stored their stash in sandwich baggies, although, they’re pretty convenient to transport your buds quickly. These days, there are elegant and fancy weed containers of all shapes and sizes available on the market. From mason jars to cannabis humidor boxes for THC products, the most important thing is to store your weed properly to keep its freshness and potency.

Whether you grow your own cannabis and need to store large amounts for a year or so, or are just looking to keep your premium products, proper storage is vital. Along with choosing the best weed box for your stash, you must think of several factors as well, including humidity, light, air, and heat.

Read on to learn about a few storage solutions and the benefits of storing your buds in a cannabis box.

Weed storage solutions

The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology published a study about the stability of cannabis and its preparations for storage. They found that with proper care and storage, the cannabinoids could remain stable for up to two years. This means that finding the right storage solution for your stash is essential. It requires a more adequate solution than just throwing a rolled-up bag inside your drawer. If you want to keep it for a long time, a perfectly balanced environment is needed to preserve the potency and freshness of your weed.


There are many unique and convenient solutions available today for a range of products, which make it easier for actual cannabis enthusiasts to store and enjoy their weed, as they should. Women, for example, love having their jewelry stored in elegant boxes that perfectly blend in with their furniture. The same goes for avid weed users. Weed boxes may become a necessity rather than just elegant pieces of decoration inside your house. They help you keep your weed protected from the elements, and can be a great gift for any cannabis connoisseur.

To enhance the life of your stash, you can store it in an airtight container such as a mason jar, smell-proof bag, a stash box, etc. Plenty of options depending on your preferences and selection of products. For instance, the best weed box for you would be the one that fits your lifestyle and needs, regarding weed storage and consumption. Stash boxes usually come with a drawer that can fit your smoking essentials such as grinders, papers, vapes, or any small accessory that will help you keep everything in one place.   

Why do you need a weed box?

Many fans of cannabis spend hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly on weed. Proper storage can help keep the precious cannabis flower as potent and aromatic as the day you bought it. Especially if you want your buds to last longer since you’re not a frequent smoker, proper storage will do the trick. Additionally, a weed stash box that locks would be necessary as a safety precaution if you have kids or pets in the household. They can blend perfectly with your furniture, and most of them come with a lock so you can keep your stash safe and secure at all times.   

Cannabis enthusiasts tend to have lots of smoking accessories like rolling papers, bowls, grinders, etc., along with their favorite cannabis strain. A weed box set will help you keep everything together, safe, and organized.

The most important thing about a weed box is the ability to maintain moisture and contain the smell so you won’t have to worry even if you load it up with the skunkiest weed. Ultimately, the best weed box is one that preserves humidity levels, ensuring maximum flavor.

The benefits of a weed stash box

Therefore, the best storage for weed is a weed stash box that keeps your weed safe and secured for when you need to light it up. Below are a few benefits of a weed box. 

The best part about a weed box is that it keeps your buds safe from the elements, which makes it a great choice for storing your cannabis flowers. We all know weed is supposed to be stored in a cool and dark place but these boxes take this to another level. They keep the stash fresh and potent for a long time and help slow THC loss. The Cannador weed box includes a VaporBeads humidity control system that regulates RH to ensure that the buds remain sticky and therefore tasteful. Alternatively, you can put Boveda® packs in each individual jar and use airtight lids to keep the buds sticky. 

How to choose the best weed box

The best weed box has to check all key elements of storing essential cannabis products, including precise temperature control, light settings, humidity, and air control.


Controlling the humidity when storing weed is paramount in keeping mold and mildew away from your cannabis. Weed stash boxes allow storing your buds in a controlled environment with the proper RH (relative humidity), which should range between 55% and 65%. This helps the buds maintain flavor, aroma, consistency, and color. In case your RH drops excessively low, you risk losing its taste (terpenes), which helps modulate the high (from cannabinoids).


Since mold and mildew grow in temperatures above 80°F, you must keep your stash in a dark and cool place. Excessive heat can also dry out the terpenes and once they are too dry, it can result in a harsh smoke. Plus, warm air holds more moisture, which we know is not very good for the weed. 


UV light can break down cannabinoids of flower after it's been harvested and cured, so storing your cannabis out of direct light, for example, keeping it in a weed stash box, will help block this out.


Cannabis needs oxygen during growing and curing however, when storing it in a container, it can slowly over time degrade the cannabinoids such as THC, making it less potent. You can choose a suitable stash box that provides perfectly sealed jars that minimize oxygen exposure to your buds.


In closing

Whether you’re new to cannabis or have been enjoying it for years, it is important to learn about proper storage so you can purchase the best weed box to keep your stash in. Make sure you get the most out of your cannabis budget by storing your weed in proper weed boxes to preserve its flavor, potency, and more. Avoid plastic containers and sandwich baggies.

Explore the world of cannabis and enjoy some craft cannabis products like good-looking weed box that also provides storage for cannabis tools and your accoutrement. It’s a fantastic option to enhance your smoking experience!