Veterans for Cannabis

Veterans for Cannabis

We receive a lot of questions from veterans about cannabis, and by extension our products. We support our brave men and women who serve in our military, and therefore we wish to serve them! We offer a 15% discount on all products and would kindly ask veterans, whether retired or active to show proof (not military ID as this is illegal to ask for). We will generate a custom code for the discount, so please reach out to us and ask!  Below is a list of items that may be used for proof of service:


US Military - please provide one of the following documents:

DD Form 214: Certificate of Release or Discharge (U.S. Active Duty)
DD Form 256: Honorable Discharge Certificate (U.S. Guard and Reserve)
DD Form 257: General Discharge Certificate (U.S. Guard and Reserve)
For active duty - Statement of Service: Verified by your Chain of Command must include date of entry and end of service dates


Cannabis has been known to treat psychological symptoms like PTSD and many veterans are now advocating for trial studies. CBD has calming therepuetic effects that can also aide in these issues, yet studies have not concluded their full potential or efficacy in fighting PTSD. The US government could do more to fund studies on the relationship between PTSD and cannabis. For now, veterans can look to personal experiences like this one and determine if this is the right thing to try.

Thank you for your service!