Weed Tourism

Weed Tourism

Cannabis retailers and products have embraced an inevitable shift toward refinement and luxury to separate themselves from its stigmatized roots. You can walk into a dispensary that’s decked out with a high-end boutique-like atmosphere or visit a luxury cannabis lounge for a sophisticated and relaxing experience. It’s no surprise that luxury cannabis tourism is experiencing an promising growth.

Americans and people abroad can visit any of the 33 medical or legal states. More states are poised to legalize cannabis in 2019. Other countries have also adopted a softer stance on marijuana by decriminalizing possession.

Luxury has permeated into every aspect of the cannabis industry from luxury spa treatments with CBD-infused oils to luxury cannabis boutiques stocked with gold rolling papers and high-end glass art. Similarly, luxury weed tourism incorporates the finer things in life into your opulent weed-cation.


420-Friendly Hotels and Rentals

Because most places ban public marijuana smoking, cannabis tourists are relegated to smoking in a private residence with the permission of the owner. These rules have paved the way for 420-friendly luxury hotels, bed & breakfasts, and rentals. Bud and Breakfast or The Travel Joint are the Airbnb for sophisticated stoners. For example, users can book an exotic cannabis-friendly room at the Coral Cove, a health & wellness beach resort in Jamaica. Riverbar Pharms in California offers guests a rustic chic stay on 20 acres of farmland in Humboldt County.

If you’re visiting Oregon, book a room at The Jupiter Hotel, a boutique hotel that offers a 420 package featuring a Munchie kit, vape pen, lighter, grinder, and discounts to local dispensaries. In Denver, Colorado, you can stay at the Nativ Hotel where they offer marijuana-friendly balconies, CBD-infused lattes at the coffee bar, and other high-tech features.


Weed Tours

Luxury cannabis tours are also becoming a mainstay in weed-friendly cities. For example, Cannabis Tours offers a wide range of tours in California, Las Vegas, Denver, Washington D.C., Boston, and Portland. Wine lovers will particularly enjoy Cannabis Tours’ Wine and Weed Tour where travelers can try cannabis-infused wines and be shuttled around other hip locations. Canadian Kush Tours bill themselves as “fine tours for discerning clients.” You can get airport pickup, limousine service, spa treatments, and other full-service packages.

Butiq Escapes offers travelers one of the more exciting cannabis tour experiences. Visitors can ride a helicopter through the mountains off the coast of Vancouver Island while smoking or vaping their favorite strain or extract.  Guests get pre-rolls, vape pens, and a commemorative luxury glass bong as well as delectable munchies to enjoy on the trip.


High-End Dispensaries

Before you jet out on your adventure to a weed-friendly state, make sure to bring your ID, cash, and check if they accept out-of-state residents. Plenty of dispensaries are incorporating a sleek design in a fancy and immersive atmosphere. For example, Planet 13 Dispensary in Las Vegas is the largest recreational dispensary around with tons of interactive activities like controlling LED lotus flowers or using a laser to graffiti walls.


Now that you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, it’s time to pack for your next adventure. Traveling with weed can be tricky, though. Always remember to check the local and airport rules about traveling with cannabis. To keep your cannabis safe and sound, while you live it up, shop any of Cannador’s stylish and durable leather and nylon travel products.