Cannabis Traveling Laws: Expert Tips on How to Travel With Weed

Cannabis Traveling Laws: Expert Tips on How to Travel With Weed

Let’s say you went to California, explored the great outdoors and purchased some of that famous outdoor bud. You start packing for your return, and the question pops into your mind “how to travel with weed, though?”

The truth is, because state laws are constantly changing, this is getting harder and harder to figure out who allows what and how much. Although cannabis consumption is legal in some states, all types of usage still remain illegal on a federal level. Since airplane travel is also governed by federal law, traveling with cannabis is a bit of a risky endeavor. Knowing the laws can help you travel with your recreational or medical stash with ease.  

Traveling with weed in the USA

So, can you travel with weed in the USA? Regardless of different state laws, federal law always trumps, and according to federal law, traveling with cannabis is illegal. Although the substance is illegal to possess and use on a national level under the Controlled Substances Act, some states and territories have been passing laws to the contrary, since 1996.

Many states and territories have legalized recreational cannabis, and 35 states have legalized weed for medical use. Additionally, other states have moved to decriminalize weed but not legalize it altogether. For example, Illinois recently legalized the recreational use of cannabis. If you find yourself traveling there, know that their airports are equipped with so-called weed amnesty boxes where you can place your stash if you don’t want to travel with it.

This is an easy way to avoid breaking the law by flying with your weed. Wondering whether you can travel with weed on a plane or by car, it’s vital to know the U.S. laws so you won’t get into trouble. Although some airports in the USA won’t even bother checking your carry-on bag for weed, you still need to properly stash your weed. Make sure you abide by the cannabis traveling laws, so you can enjoy your upcoming trip and travel freely across the country with your favorite marijuana product.

Can you bring weed into an airport?

TSA has stated that they don’t check passengers for weed possession, as they’re more concerned with passenger safety and detecting potential aviation threats. However, if a TSA officer comes across your stash while conducting a bag check, they’re obligated to report it to the police. The police then decide how they want to handle the situation. It is still unclear what exactly TSA would do if they catch someone with weed in their bag. If the country you’re traveling from has legalized cannabis possession and use, you may be waived on or asked to get rid of it before you board since you’ll be traveling to a different state.

Additionally, in case you’re caught in an airport with illegal amounts of pot, or you’re not of legal age to possess the pot, local law enforcement may charge you with penalties depending on the state you’re in. Although in most cases you won’t face any legal action for attempting to travel with weed, it is still not recommended to try. 

How much weed can I travel with?

If you still decide to give it a go, make sure you know how much weed you can travel with to your next destination. It’s important to proceed with care even if you pack a small amount of weed. Don’t push it – travel with tiny, insignificant amounts. Some airports are cannabis-friendly; for example, if you’re traveling within the state of Oregon, you can fly with up to one ounce of weed, if you’re over the age of 21.

However, if you’re caught, you may simply be asked to get rid of it or ask for a medical cannabis recommendation. In addition, for old-school nugs, 3.5 grams is a reliable standard. You can follow this same logic with edibles and other cannabis-related products. Don’t forget that the more products you’re packing, the more likely the TSA will spot them and make you throw them away.

For CBD products, on the other hand, you can bring ones that don’t contain THC at all or have less than 0.3%. 

How to travel with weed?

If it’s your first time and you’re wondering how can you travel with weed on a plane and not be caught, we’ll give you a few useful tips. Although TSA officers are unlikely to care about your stash, you still need to know the laws and regulations of the country you’re traveling to. Make sure you bring an appropriate amount of your cannabis and keep it stored in your carry-on bag. Checked baggage is usually searched more carefully than carry-ons. Also, store your weed in appropriate airtight containers to block the potent smell.

Often, stash bags made of organic fibers are better at keeping smell out when compared to other materials. Additionally, if you have a few joints with you, try putting them in a cigarette pack. Even if you are caught with weed, there’s a very good chance nothing will happen to you. On the other hand, driving across the state line with weed is a bit of a riskier option, so be careful.

Police forces from non-legalized states often target incoming cars from states with more stringent laws. A safer option would be to pack some edibles underneath all of your things in your bag. Patients using medical marijuana and driving through countries where it is legalized can carry up to one ounce of weed with them in a sealed container. However, they cannot cross state lines with their stash, even if you have a doctor’s recommendation and the bordering state has medical cannabis laws.

Weed accessories for travel

How can you travel with weed and not think about proper storage? It’s impossible. If you travel often, you’ll probably need some weed-friendly accessories to store your stash and make your life easier. From small travel cases and smell-proof containers to portable pocket ashtrays and joint holders, you can choose various products depending on your taste and needs.

These days, there are many great visually pleasing and useful items to store your stash properly, keeping it fresh and potent so you can consume it at your final destination. You can also bring some cannabis-related reading material to catch up on the latest news and findings and keep you entertained. Just don’t forget to follow the rules about traveling with weed on a plane or in a car.

In closing

Many people think that traveling with weed through states where cannabis is legalized is easy. Even if you know that TSA doesn’t pay much attention to passengers that carry weed, you’re still at risk of getting caught and losing your precious stash. Carrying illegal drugs means going against the law. If you still want to travel with your cannabis products, you might want to consult with a lawyer.

People who have a medical marijuana card may be treated a little more leniently than others. However, they still run the risk of losing their stash if a TSA agent reports it to the local police. The agents don’t have the jurisdiction or ability to check the validity of the cards.