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If you're a Cannador® owner or a 'do it yourself' enthusiast, these glass cups with breathable lids are a great addition to your humidor or storage box. The adjustable ventilated lids can be opened and closed to allow for humid air to enter and keep your contents at the proper RH. All glassware may be purchased in lots of two in either 1/4oz or 1/2oz sizes. The 1oz glass size may be purchased in lots of one.

Product Dimensions

Small (1/4oz) 2.25"H x 2.5"DIA
Medium (1/2oz) 2.25"H x 3"DIA
Large (1oz) 4.5"H x 3"DIA


Shipping Dimensions

Length 9"
Width 5"
Height 5"
Weight 1 lbs.